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    Happiness is nothing but state of contentment-Discuss

    Everyone wants to be happy always. But still no one says he or she is perfectly happy. If they are asked what the concept of happiness they have is and how they are going to achieve then they will be confused. Most of us can include ourselves in that group.

    However we all say that we like our childhood as the best time. Just watch a small child. It is happy almost always. It becomes happy on getting a chocolate or candy, on getting a new toy, or on getting new dress. A small child is happy when its parents or siblings are around and they play with it. It feels happy when it is fed on getting hungry or when it plays with friends. In short, a child is happy on anything and everything occurring around it or to it even the daily routine matters.
    But when we grow into adults, we are in search of happiness. We are no happier with those things and features that made us happy when we were children.

    Where is the fault? We simply do not know how to be happy. What is wrong to be happy even now eating a candy or buying a new dress? Why can't we be happy when with our parents or siblings? We are not happy on these because we do not feel contented with all these, but yearn for something unspecific. That is the basic mistake we commit.

    Happiness really comes from being content. Unfortunately we are wrongly trained or taught that to be contented is the death of creativity and further activity. Not at all. Contentment is that point when we feel that we do need that anymore for ourselves. It does not necessary kill creativity and working for more. Whatever we get from then on is meant for others sake. From the point of contentment, as we are happy, our aim is to make others also happy. We then live for others as we are already contented and so happy.
    Whether you agree or disagree, please discuss.
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    Yes I agree with the author fully that those who are contended in their life with what they got and what they are destined to get, they are the most happiest persons on this earth. Never ever aspire for more which is not expected of and then get denied of the actual happiness. I am of the opinion that God has set the balance sheet of every Individual and also made provisions for luck and wealth. We cannot get those two things earlier or as per our wish. It is given to as with the time goes by. One thing is sure, our life is already preplanned by the God his moves cannot be questioned or altered citing reason of our Intelligent level to change stance.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Happiness is a state of mind. In the similar situations, one may feel happier though the other may feel like committing 'hara-kiri'.
    The first and foremost requirement is to realize that the happenings are not within our own control. One has to adjust himself/herself with the given circumstances.
    Also there is nothing like absolute happiness. It is relative only. An individual may feel like throwing a party on acquisition of his/her first bicycle, though the another may continue to be unhappy because the neighbor's car is longer.
    I have seen many people who always keep smiling and break even the worst news like nothing peculiar has happened.
    Perhaps the better kind of happiness is hidden in the family. One may get more happiness within family than outside as no one cares more than one's own family.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    To be happy is a state when we look everything in a positive way and even the events which may give us tremendous pain, they would apply their own interpretation and try to diffuse the painful situation. Such personalities always remain happy despite the prevalence of tensed situation and they have different explanations for their rejoice. However, such contented men are rare in number may be we have been taught in our adlocent age that happiness should not be expressed publicly since this may not be pleasant to others. This theory, I think, is not agreeable to me since such thinking would hurt ourselves. The best alternative is to seek the ways with which we can derive maximum pleasure. It is not at all difficult altogether provided we change our mind - frame. One thing is clear that the life - span of human - being is shorter and it should be passed with enjoying moments.

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    As per post no: 569572,"The best alternative is to seek the ways with which we can derive maximum pleasure."

    When you reach the best? After that what? If we review the pleasures we had at different occasions till now what can be termed as best?

    The reality is we do not know what gives us the real pleasure- philosophically that is called the eternal Bliss. Depending on our attitude and understanding anything can give us pleasure or nothing material gives us pleasure.

    Just as the antenna of a radio instrument or a signal receiver has to be tuned properly to get maximum and effective signals, we have to tune our minds(attitude) properly to derive maximum possible and effective pleasure. Now what happens is we get some stray signals as antennas are not tuned properly. Hence we get disappointed most of the time.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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