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    A new generation leave letter

    With tremendous changes happening around us in all spheres all time, the only one I did not see undergo any change is the Leave letter. The standard old stereotypes leave letters are still used. In some establishments there will be standard stereotype formats. When everything is facilitated to be submitted online, the good old leave letter has to be submitted directly in signed hardware state.

    Not anymore from today. Necessity has made me to devise a new leave letter and that for a new emerging situation. Only the operative core part is given. The flesh and blood of from, to, date, place etc. may be incorporated either from saved templates or keyed in as per need.

    Subject: One day leave for cleaning my Smartphone files and regaining storage space.
    As my Smartphone is flooded with long messages forwarded and original and there are many unread audio and video files received in my whatsapp and Facebook accounts, I need a special effort to read the messages and files and sort them out as needed or to be discarded if not needed. Some messages and files need to be forwarded also.
    Hence I request you to sanction leave for one day on.....
    I regret that I could not anticipate this when I applied for a day's casual leave last month taken for purpose of cleaning my house. Hope you understand and oblige.
    * *******************************************************************
    Don't you envisage such similar situations? For those who have not taken such leave please start taking initiative and get such a facility as leave on some such category. You need not say lies or produce untrue made-up sick certificate.
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    After reading this post I split in to laughter and even shared this with my family. I think even if we take it in reality there seems to be essence in asking such leave as we cannot discard messages, audios and videos just like that and it requires total concentration and weeding out.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I think such leave will be granted only when the controlling HR manager empowered to grant leave is also suffering from similar situation. A smarter HR manager may refuse to grant leave, though agree later only with the condition that his own computer and computer files will also be cleared by the applicant.
    Nowadays there is trend to allow work from home which is perhaps nothing but an euphemism for taking leave when all other kinds of leave has exhausted.
    I think a habit will have to be developed for cleaning files like cleaning teeth in the morning. Morning because many people often skip cleaning teeth in the evening before going to bed as recommended by the dentists.
    Computer speed become slow when the system is not cleaned regularly. Accumulated internet temporary files are like cobwebs.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I posted this from my own predicament of getting hell number of long messages simply forwarded by people. Same message sometimes is received from different sides. They run to pages.

    My intention was a bit of humour or satire and also pointing out the new age nuisances.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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