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    Our Mind says work more, but our body says take rest.

    As we are getting old, our body and mind is taking charge of our life and they are heavily influencing our living style. Having habituated to work hard and sustained that quality over these years, some people feel like taking rest for some days. But our mind says that nothing doing and we must keep on working and explore new avenues to face the challenges. What I feel that as long as our body permits physically, we should work and attend important challenges in life and then think of getting rest. Eventually those who are habituated to work wont take rest at all.
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    Human body becomes weaker physically with growing age. Therefore the people have to accept that they have to gradually regulate the quantum of physical work according to the physical condition of their body. However in case of mental or intellectual work, one can continue to work more even at advanced age. Because of this reason only , the retirement age of high court and supreme court judges, doctors in the central Government etc. has been raised to 65 years.
    There is no age of retirement in case of the post of top executive of India i.e. the Prime Minister. Same is the case with other ministers and the chief ministers of the states.
    It is true that working or not working is a matter of habit. Those who love working, continue to do so throughout their life and those who are habitual of shrugging their duties and responsibilities always remain irresponsible and shirkers.

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    Ayurveda says that when you are young you should work with maximum involvement of your body. When you become old you should give more work to your mind and reduce the involvement of your body. But it doesnt mean that you should not involve your mind in the young age. It should be understood in such a way that you should be providing more involvement to the activities that will strengthen your body along with the work to your brain. But when it comes to old age, you will not be able to do certain works and in that case you will definitely need to take rest. That is when you can give more work to your mind instead of body.

    But in modern days the technological advancements have made people use only their minds. The physical activity for the body has reduced to a greater extent. That is the reason why people find it very difficult when they are at their 40s itself. People become tired and think that it is enough to run. Though the technological advancements have given lots of treasures to us, it has also given so many negatives that is keeping us lazy.

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    S Balasubramanian

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    K mohan sir, it is not easy to do work hard or more during older age, as it is common to get weaker after some certain age ( might be vary from person to person) some get tiered doing little work after age of 50, even some can do hard work at age of 70. It all depend upon their physical strength. But our mind can think and can be utilising that to finish some of our work either by taking help of some one or by appointing some person to complete that.

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    Health condition vary from person to person. The Before generation people they take healthy food and work hard with physically and mentally. Nowadays, the people start to take fast food from childhood. It makes our body and mind weak. So, we must take healthy nutrition food and undergo 'Yoga' for our physical body regularly. It results our mind and body acts effectively.

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