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    Sun's fun quiz towards the end of June.

    Today is the last day of quarter ending June. Why not we enjoy some fun from Sun. Here are some phrases connected with the names of few forum active members. Please identify the members. (Look at the names of oldies and newbies) Consider Hindi words too.

    1. I am a type of Mango
    2. I have a beautiful relaxing day
    3. I have a light transport vehicle.
    4. I have a powder like thing.
    5. I am the light.
    6. A small insect is with me.
    7. His Chariot driver is God.
    8. I am the God too.
    9. I am with yesterday and tomorrow.
    10. I am also small.

    Let us see who scores more.
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    Well I am new in here,so I don't think I'll be able to do this.
    But 5- Sun ,Am I right?
    7 must be Pathasarathy or Arjun.

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    I too am new to ISC and I am less active in forum section. So, most (may be all) of my guesses may be wrong.
    3) Saji Ganesh
    4) Kailash Kumar
    5) Sun
    7) Partha Kansabanik

    Let us continue learning.

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    My guesses are:-

    2. Sun
    3. Padmini
    4. Joyshree
    5. Aditya/Sun
    6. Anant
    7. Partha
    8. Ramkrishna Kambhampati/Krishna Teja Yeluripati
    10. AT/ar

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