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    Why are forum threads older than 10 days not locked?

    Generally, many of the new members of ISC pull forum threads older than 10 days and get negative points. Some days back (when I am very new to ISC), I pulled a thread which is one year older and I got negative points. Then, I got a message which made me realize what I did. I wanted to raise this thread on that day but I didn't because I thought maybe the discussion can be continued by the thread creator. Yesterday, I came across a thread in which forum responses are given negative points after a new member pulled that thread (older than 10 days) and later continued by the creator. So, I want to know why the editors don't lock all the threads after completion of 10 days. I mean, is there any reason behind this?
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    The same was discussed, discussed and discussed number of times. What ! Editors are busy and have no time to lock the old threads. If ISC can appoint an exclusively special editor " DELETE EDITOR/LOCK EDITOR" to do the locking job, this problem can be solved.
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    We have been making suggestion on this matter many number of times . In fact I requested the admin to give permission to seniors and regulars the right to delete or lock the threads which are irrelevant and old.
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