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    Technolgical children of today

    In today's fast paced world of technological advancement,life is moving at a rapid pace.Chikdren as small as two year olds are getting advanced knowledge of usage of modern gadgets and devices and are becoming more smart in terms of exposure to the world through the medium of knowledge provided by the internet.Parents of such kids are being indirectly forced to expose their kids to technology in this tender age where physical activity is the most important.There is always a sense of competition in children of the same age group and every parent wants his or her child to be the best.
    Can't our children be allowed to enjoy their childhood properly and focus on personality development rather than being forced to gain knowledge in order to not fall behind in this mad race?
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    A good and thoughtful thread from the author. Yes I do agree that we the parents are habituated to use modern gadgets and on seeing them even the small children and kids insists to fiddle with them. They are very fast in locating the icons and getting to the page. I have seen a two year old kid opening the pattern from the cell, then going to google search and seeking his choicest nursery rhymes in all the four South Indian languages and that really surprised me. Now given so much understanding of the gadget at this tender age, surely he may make wonders as the soft ware Engineer by coming with new programs. Unfortunately when we were kids we did not have such kind of exposures. One thing is sure, today's children are getting denied of playing the natural games, mingling with other children and at the same time they are exposing their good vision to the rays of cell phones and soon they go for specs one day or the other.
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    Very relevant thread. Due to rapid population explosion particularly in urban areas, the spaces for games and sports are getting reduced day by day. As a result, children are being forced to remain indoor during morning and evening. Consequently, they are using more and more mobile and watching worthless cartoon programmes in TV. The problem is being further aggravated by the cut-throat competition.
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    The children should be allowed to enjoy their childhood instead of burdening with studies right from the tender age. In my childhood, I as admitted into the school. after completing five years of age. Now the trend has changed. the children are admitted in schools at a tender age and are robbed of their enjoyment. This affects the health of the children.
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    I have seen many parents of very young kids (age 6-7 and below), hand over their mobiles and laptops to their kids in order to keep them engaged or to distract them when the kid is crying or creating trouble. For kids even a smart phone is just like a toy. Many a times they will end up breaking the phone/gadget and then we hear the parents complain. I think here the onus lies on the parents to abstain from resorting to handing over gadgets to kids just to get some relief from their tantrums.
    A childs' learning capacity is very high during the formative years, so yes they will definitely very easily pick up how to use gadgets perfectly. However, that is not the kind of knowledge that is essential to be learnt at that age. It is more important to develop motor skills, social skills etc. at this age. While mobile and computer games are good for hand eye coordination, however extended continuous use of either can cause pain in the hands and stress on the eyes.

    Coming to use of internet for gaining knowledge, well this comes up at a comparatively later age (8+ usually). It is not only happening due to the excessive competition, for competition has existed even before the use of internet became rampant. Its just that a new avenue of knowledge seeking has opened up and kids are making use of it. In general when it comes to the competitiveness, our younger generation is suffering a lot. There is too much taxation when it comes to education, be it homework or tests or assignments. Too much burden is being put on their shoulders by the education system as well as overzealous parents. Luckily many in the education field are starting to realize this and are taking necessary action, but there is still a long way to go before childhood can be reclaimed for children.


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    It has always been there. The parents have always wished and tried their best to make their children, the best. They succumb to the prevailing rat race, lest their children lag behind in the race.
    The technology is progressing in leaps and bounds with the each passing day. The population is also growing at the same pace. It is true also that in case the parents are not following the mad trend, then they are likely to become sort of ostracised from the society.
    But who will bell the cat. Time once passe will never come back. The parents are afraid that in case they are not copying the existing scenario (without any application of mind), then their children will trail and will not be able to even communicate with their cousins and neighborhood friend.
    Nowadays it is difficult to talk to the kids, for people of old generation who are not familiar with the modern terminology.

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    Apart from the exposure that they have towards games they are getting all the fun from the technology itself. In most of the cases the kids nowadays are very brilliant and they are sharp on various things. It is quite obvious to see that the exposure that the kids get nowadays was not something that we got when we were in our young age. I'm not sure if that is good or bad. Some technological advancements have kept the kids nowadays from physical activity. I have seen kids who are very much fond of playing computer games and mobile games but show hatred towards physical activities or games.

    This is not a good sign. At one point the physical activity that they do now will help them grow with good strength. Parents play a vital role in this situation. It is again the duty of every parent to provide enough exposure to the kids to match the skills of competitive kids but there is also a caution to be made where they should be able to focus on their physical strength and growth as well. The kids should not be kept in the house itself, they should have good communication with the neighborhood to know more people.

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