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    Why our modern Engineers fail to match up the structural wonder of past buildings ?

    When ever I see a old building or historic place, suddenly my mind runs into the thinking mode as to why our present Engineers are not coming up even better than old structures which not only looks good, strong and even different from the present one. Take for example of Charminar. The four minarets, the high dome inside and above all so many windows in between the minarets make the monument to envy. Moreover 450 years back the spiral staircase was introduced to the world through this structure. Any comment on this ?
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    The architectural styles have changed. The Architects are going according to the Modern Architecture. The old structures are built in a totally different architectural style. Our Engineers are capable of planning, designing and executing any type of structure. The old buildings were of two and half thick brick wall. The present day construction consists of One brick thick wall for outside walls and half brick wall for inner walls. The elevation styles have also changed. We cannot compare the old structures with the new ones. They are totally different styles. If some one wants a structure in the style of old architectural styles that can be done easily.
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    Perhaps no comparison should be made between the past and present. The humans tried their best during each era and created many architectural wonders to the best of their capabilities. Some of wonders of modern architecture are as follows -
    1. The Capital Gate at Abu Dhabi, UAE - It is a 35 stories tall building (160 meters high) which inclines 18 degrees to the west and puts leaning tower of Pisa to shame.
    2. The Sunrise Kempinski Hotel at Beijing, China - Its front view is that of a 'rising sun', the main entrance of the hotel is shaped like the mouth of a fish and from the side, the hotel is shaped like a scallop.
    3. The Akshardham Temple at New Delhi - It is built without any steel.
    4. The Infinity Tower at Dubai, UAE - It is the world's tallest (80 story high residential tower) high rise building with a twist.

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    The architectural skills that the modern engineers learn are all imported knowledge. I personally feel that the education system in today's world doesn't give importance to the ancient architectural skills and usage of such skills. The British government when they came in they completely rejected the architectural skills that we had in India. The buildings and mega structures that are constructed today doesn't even stand for more than 50 years. In some of the constructions they don't even follow proper aesthetics during construction.

    One example is the Metro rail project in Chennai. When there is a heavy rain, you cannot travel under a metro rail structure. It will leak and pour all the water on you. They don't have a proper rain water harvesting. Ignore harvesting part but they don't even have a control over where the rain water should go. It straight away leaks on people who travel under it.

    The foreigners though wondered how the architectural skills were so great in India, they made a clear plan and demolished all the skills that we had. We are not using any of those skills in our modern construction. They have forced their ideology and method of construction upon us and made us forget our own tradition.

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