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    Interesting contests ideas for ISC

    Even though there is not a dearth of interesting contests in ISC ,I have come up with some interesting ideas for future contests in our channel!Here is a list,
    1)Most helpful post of the week
    2)write a Limerick contest
    3) slogan for the give theme contest
    4) joke of the week contest
    5) one liners for the given topic contest
    6)riddle solving contest
    7)creative story writing/short story starting with given word and ending with same word
    8)favourite book review contest
    9) write story or paragraph for given picture
    10)write first thoughts on seeing a picture
    I have also observed that contests requiring immediate and shorter replies instead of long articles are inducing more participation from the active members.
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    Madam, you ideas are really excellent! I fully support these except the idea presented at Serial No. 2. Limerick is a five-line poem with a strict rhyme scheme (AABBA) with humorous intent. Very few people can write Limericks (you may be one of them). The ISC administrators may consider your useful ideas.
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    Thank you Partha Sir for your kind words of appreciation.Seeing the rise in frequency of threads and members in ISC ,I wanted to suggest these ideas for even more participation and enthusiasm from the members.Hoping for more contests in the future from the above list.
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    Contests are organized by the editors from time to time as per their convenience. The contest mentioned at serial number 1 by the author is regularly organized in the form of TOW contest. Instead of labeling the same as 'most helpful post of the week', the same has been termed as TOW, though there is a difference between the two. TOW contests focus on creativity and novelty of the theme whereas the author is focusing on 'helpfulness' aspect.
    Based on my own experience, I would like to share my few observations about the contests as follows -
    1. Generally editors are busy and find less time in creating a contest entry. It involves much time on their part in first to design the contest and then evaluate the same.
    2. The intellectual level of all the ISCians is not the same. Perhaps the only common denominator is that, all of them know as to how to read and write in English language with varying degrees of quality. Therefore contests are required to be of certain average level so that maximum number of members can participate in the same.

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    It seems the author has treasure of ideas which were fit for implementation. But due to dearth of editors for such contests, ISC may not have such much dose of contests and thus we have to wait for admin to respond.
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    Brilliant ideas but most of these contests have already been conducted - including limerick and slogan-writing contests. Vandana has in the past conducted contests involving crossword puzzles (which are a type of riddle). The most helpful post (though not formally announced) does exist - members are awarded special prizes along with the thread of the week announcement. These posts aren't remotely related to the topic of the thread of the week nor are they submitted for the contest. They are picked for their uniqueness.
    Slogan writing, book/movie reviews, picture essays etc have all been done.

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    ISC should mark a day as contest day, preferably Sunday. It should announce minimum two contests on that day. The result should be announced on the following Saturday. There should be a fortnightly Active GD announced on the first day and on the sixteenth day of the month. The result should be announced on the 10th and 25th day.

    @ I appreciate your suggested contests. For the Most helpful topic of the week we have TOW award.
    I recommend the following contests.
    Story writing - Poem writing - Story with a picture - Creative writing on a particular topic - Cross word puzzle - Quiz - Riddles - Joke for the week - Treasure hunt - Guess the author.

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    The authoress has put forward her idea in a simplistic way. However, ISC channel conducts TOW programme weekly and offers the aspirants to express their views on different assignments. You may notice the aggressive views of the participants. I think this contest has been very popular since its inception but there exists some rooms for further improvements by inviting the members for story - writing, composition of poems, to create a column for jokes writing but of course, it should not be aimed at maligning the images of individuals or degradation of religious sentiments.
    I hope the editors are there to take note of the interest of the members and would try their best to look into the issues for which you are interested.

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    Good ideas!
    I have some more ideas related to the title of this site ISC-India Study Channel and pertaining to studies and learning:
    Best tips for:
    a. Studies the day before the exams
    b. Making notes
    c. Preparing study timetable
    d. Setting short term goals and examples
    e. Getting outstanding score in exam
    f. Preparation for viva
    g. Managing time for self
    h. Choosing the best college
    i. Choosing the best course of studies
    j. Preparing a good CV
    k. Preparing for placements
    l. Preparing for GRE/CAT/GMAT/GATE /IELTS etc.
    m. Choosing the best school for child
    n. Choosing the best hobby class
    o. Best schools in the city/ town
    m. Best colleges in the city
    The topics can be divided through the year on demand basis. How to choose article contest was organised earlier. but here I am proposing that we can have articles for specific topic so that it can become an answer wiki, one location for all queries related to a specific topic.
    This is just an idea, may be worth review.

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    Since the thread is basically about contests , it appears the author Seema Shah (#569642) is suggesting topics for an articles contest.
    The recently concluded 'study abroad' contest had been a grand success and in my opinion more contests on the same topic are likely to enrich ISC repository as well as benefit the users as well.
    Moreover the methodology was also very simple and transparent in said contest as there was inbuilt prize in case of all approved articles in the form of double points/cash credits.

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    The discussion is about contests to win prizes. Come up with ideas of different contests that can be enjoyed by the ISCians.

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