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    Innocent adventures of innocent hearts

    Yeah, I am talking about the adventurous life the innocent kids have till they become mature enough to understand the facts of real life. Their normal day to day activities like sitting on a chair, jumping down from bed, climbing on window frame, open the drawers by pulling them out, cleaning their bed by throwing down pillows on the floor and many more such activities appears like great adventure to them. It is because for most of such activities, they are not allowed by their parents and they have to do it silently and secretly.
    They want to experience everything by their own; they want to eat themselves even when they are not able to hold their spoon properly. They want to take bath without any disturbance even when they are not able to lift a mug filled of water and when they successfully do that after so many trials-failures, the happiness on their face is remarkable.

    This is my entry for Topic for TOW contest for the week 26th June – 2nd July 2016 - Adventure
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    Being innocent, the kids are not aware of the hazards associated with such activities and therefore have no fears. The adventures are all about having fear or not. The parents are therefore always concerned about the activities of the kids which is required to be supervised constantly.
    Even after growing up, the children continue their adventures till they learn about the dangers , the hard way. Few parents feel proud in letting their children drive a vehicle even before reaching legal age.
    In developed countries like US, the parents go for what is known as 'childproofing' or 'baby proofing' which are measures to prevent children from reaching unsafe areas.

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