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    Don't you think that marriage is an adventure?

    Marriage is the beginning of a new life for both partners. It takes time to understand the other person's personality, traits, strengths and weaknesses, habits, lifestyle and motivation to live.

    Parents of both partners conjure together and provide advice and support from their past adventure of marriage. The life after marriage is composed of highs and few lows of emotions, happiness and sadness, thrills , exhilaration, and may be even stress. Sometimes there may be fear or there may be a strong desire to take a risk, or want to dare do something you wish. You never know what will happen in the next moment, or the next day or later and how the other partner will react to a particular situation.

    Things are uncertain and both partners have to accept the other person as is and take this 'Roller coaster ride of married life!

    So dear ISCians do share your thoughts, stories and opinions on:
    Don't you think that marriage is an adventure?
    Aren't partners embarking on an adventurous life when they get married?
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    Yes, I do feel that marriage is one of the biggest adventures of life. Two persons, in maximum cases unknown to each other (in Indian context), start living together. The backgrounds are different, education is different, mental set-up may be different, but they live together to raise a family (despite all the differences).
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    Seema Shah,
    I too said the same and raised a separate thread that has not been discussed well. It remained with two responses. Click HERE to view that thread.

    Marriage is not an adventure to the couples but is an adventure to the parents who struggle and lead an adventurous life to get them married.

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    I just wrote the thread a few hours ago, with the main focus on marriage becoming an adventure for both partners.
    I have not focused on it being an adventure for parents.

    Wonder why your thread was not discussed well! Sometimes even my threads are not discussed well.

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    I do not consider the marriage is an adventure. Marriage is arranged by the parents and the life becomes changed after marriage. If everything goes on as planned then where is the question of adventure.
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    Yes, marriage is indeed adventurous. We spend rest of our lives with a person whom we din't even know before. We just look at him, talk to him for small duration and start having dreams of beautiful life. Marriage life can be the way we want or might change and we have to accept the difference of opinion and stay together with mutual understanding. Not only they have to adjust with partners, they should also get along with each others family members well. So marriage is adventurous.

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    Agree with @Sushma:
    We start living with an unknown person and it is a question of adjustment for both partners. New things are uncovered, on a day to day basis.

    @K Mohan: Who says that parents always arrange the marriage? Nowadays with the Indian copying the Western culture there are ample examples of partners falling in love, and then getting approval from or convincing parents for marriage.

    So it is commonly said that marriages are made in heaven, but in reality in today's world: it is the two partners who decide to get married.
    The roller coaster ride is embarked, but it depends on both partners to see if for how long the ride continues. For some who cannot enjoy this ride or are not comfortable will find some ways and means to break off. This is evident from the fact that nowadays the number of divorces has increased.

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    I do not agree that marriage is an adventure.

    At the maximum it can be termed as a 'mixed doubles' where your partner is known just before the game starts. But still both partners play in unison to win the game. If the partners are not broadminded and accommodating, then they my start quarrelling for credit or blame on success or failure.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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