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    Is it love when people keep changing their partners?

    We often see lovers who are still studying. We feel that they have so much love for each other. Tough they don't have much maturity in that age, they fall in love because of infatuation or attraction. But not all are successful in their love. Some people after breaking up with their partners, they find a new partner. After breaking up with this partner also after few days they will start seeing a new person. But with every person they will be in a very serious relationship and after breakup they will feel very bad and depressed. I have seen many examples of such people.
    If people keeping changing their partners, is it really love? This is the only question I have when i see such things.
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    What a fantastic million dollar question you have raised ! We need to understand the exact meaning of love which many of us don't know. According to my understanding, the other name of love is sacrifice. One should be ready to sacrifice for the other. When that sacrifice fails, love fails. If love fails, we tend to choose the other who can sacrifice. There are love for money, love for possession, love for passion, love for position, love for lust, love for sex, love for time pass. All these above mentioned love will fail, but only the real love for sacrifice will survive forever without any break in love. Am I right, Sushma?

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    Generally it is believed that a male should love only one female and vice versa, but what about societies in which polyandrous and polygamous relationships are still in vogue.
    Even in India, the Muslim personal law permits up to four marriages. In the Kinnaur region of Himachal Pradesh and Jaunsar Bawar region in Uttarakhand in north India polyandry is still practiced. A system of fraternal polyandry in Malwa region of Punjab is practiced to avoid division of farming land.
    Do such people love only one of their partners?

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    Changing partners cannot indicate whether it's love or not. But changing partners frequently is a clear indicator that the person is restless and isn't ready to invest effort to sustain the relationship.

    Relationships based on infatuations are bound to break apart when the attraction fades away with time. Although dig breakups seem to be heavily depressing initially, it is easier to overcome that in a short time. But instead of investing time in oneself, they catch on to the next best partner. Most do it just as they believe that being in a relationship will somehow help forget the wounds the previous one have or even worse, to revenge the ex and prove worth. But the new relationship is also mostly based on infatuation and the story repeats.

    On the other hand, relationships in love are harder to form and hardest to break apart. In such relationships, you accept the person as a whole for their best and worsts. No matter how busy you are or how important you become you will always have a place in your heart and life for the ones you love. When compared to infatuation, love is more about deeply caring for the other person. Love is universal. It can happen with anyone irrespective of gender, race, color or caste.
    People in love don't change partners because they don't love each other. It's because the circumstances, like society and work, have gone beyond their abilities and they don't have the maturity to know how to cling on. But that doesn't mean those whose love based relationship broke off wouldn't love again. If they find the right partner, the chemistry would surely spark again. ( I totally second Kailash ji on this.)

    So clearly whether a person is in love or not cannot be inferred from the number of times he/she is in a relationship, but only by the way he treats the relationship and the person.

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