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    Android 7.00 named : Android N is Android Nougat

    Nowthat is open. Android version 7.0 is named Nougat. In the tradition of naming the new version with that of a sweet or dessert, Nougat is selected by Google for their latest upcoming version.

    Though there was not that much eagerness among android fans as in the last versions 5 & 6, this time also there were expectations and speculations about the name of the new version of Android which was to start with alphabet N.

    The last one was Marshmallow starting with M, and the one before was Android Lollipop.
    However down south in India, and among the Keralites spread all over the world, there is some sense of desperation. That is because this time there was a sincere propaganda for a name of a Kerala sweet-Neyyappam. There was an online campaign on this also.

    Let us hope the new version really makes it sweet to us.
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    How come Google can accept the sweet dish of Kerala called Neyyappam to coincide with their naming the Android 7.00 version and instead they zeroed on Nougat which seems to be acceptable to world.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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