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    Only you have control on your Emotions

    Being happy or being sad, its all in your hands and only you can control your Emotions. At times, we feel low and depressed and other times, we feel happy. Its only our state of mind and how we take things. If something bad happens, if you take it positively and if you are sportive then you will be happy. If you keep thinking of what happened, then you will keep thinking of it and you will feel even more depressed. Some people will have a strong mind and get over soon. Such people will be happy. Some people will drag things and think a lot unnecessarily, such people cannot be happy as something will always keep disturbing them. Often people advice you when you are upset but their advises doesn't make any difference to you. Happy or Sad, its in your hands and in your control.
    Choose happiness and move on as everything.
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    Okay,here's the thing. We get emotional because we expect and desire. When we are deprived of our desire , we get emotional. So to cut this problem off we need to expect less and just perform our duty.
    Meditation might help too.
    I think I got extreme control over emotions.
    And there is this notion - Respond instead of Reacting. Because reacting gives nothing.

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    Happiness or sadness are relative. There is no scale to measure the same. It varies from the individual to individual. Generally more people are emotional compared to those who are stoical. The people develop such personality traits dependeing on as to how they were raised during the process of their upbringing. Education also influences such traits. Generally people will scietific education tend to be less emotional in their temperament.
    Practicing 'yoga, pranayam, dhyan' etc. may perhaps help in containing such emotions.
    Apart from science, philosophy also helps in understanding the vagaries and vicissitudes of the life.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Emotions and feelings are mingled with our body in all situations. We,the human only have the capacity of controlling and neutralizing our emotions as it is not found in any other creations in this world. Many people shows their emotions raised on their own feelings, without considering others is common but is not good at all. One of my relative got some problem in his office but at that time he received a phone call through his mobile from a relative for his availability at house on that evening to give invitation for his daughter's marriage. But this fellow as got worried on his office problem, sullen with that relative over phone and cut off the connection. That man felt badly and stopped coming to him thereafter.Since then no relatives are approaching him for anything. Later realized through other friend about this he felt much bad about himself and cried for the cut off relationship. We have many problems and joy in us but should not shown to others without seeing their own situation. As we, the human being only can have the sense of self realisation, if we resist to realize so, we are not at all a human.

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    Right said by the author. Emotions either good or bad feeling, it always reflects on our face. In this regard I give full marks to the small kids who are well versed in reading the persons face whether they are in good emotion or just kidding with them. Some people get emotionally charged even for good moments in life. That is very natural. And some wont react with emotions even in case of death of the dear ones. That is very dangerous. Being human one must give the emotions whether good or bad. Keeping inside the mind is something will give bad effects in future.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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