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    Do young men and women write love letters today?

    During our student days, my friends (including myself) used to write love letters frequently. The love letters used to be lengthy, were written in ornamental language and contained many poems and quotes, apparently to impress the girls to whom such letters were addressed.

    I also made several attempts to write love letters during my youth, both in Bengali and in English. (I tried to write love-letters in Hindi also, but failed miserably.) This activity used to take lots of time and effort. Many books had to be consulted for finding suitable quotes. Despite so much effort, such letters were very rarely acknowledged by the recipients! This was true not only for me, but also for my friends.

    In the present age of email, Whatsapp, Facebook and mobile phones, the practice of writing love letters has become obsolete. I feel that only because of this reason, young men and women of the present generation can't express their feeling clearly. Short, cryptic messages can't express the romance being developed between two young hearts!

    Can't we start a movement for revival of sweet, romantic love letters?
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    I think writing love letters, making proposals and waiting for reply are the gone days. Now every one has smart phones through which social network is always at the disposal and therefore having conversation on minute to minute basis is very much possible. Moreover one has to take many days to confirm the acceptance of life partner. But now love at first sight is almost possible because people are looking out for exact wave length partners in their life. So just a message through whats app would do wonders for the new loves and they understand deeply and more, then the love becomes the life necessity and thus marriage takes place.
    K Mohan
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    Once I wrote a love letter which back fired. My letter started like this. "My dearest ...................." (.) She got annoyed and wrote back "If I am the dearest , do you have any other dear and dearer in your life." I regretted and said ," Sorry dear, English is a foreign language to me." Since then I stopped writing love letters.

    However, you can view one of my love letter at ISC . CLICK HERE

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Nowadays, there are ghost writers who write full thesis for earning a Ph.D. degree and there are many online service providers who offer services for developing resume/CV, LOR, SOP etc. for admission in foreign universities. But I have never heard about ghost love letter writers, though experienced individuals/veterans used to act as consultants in the olden days also. One plausible reason for such a scenario, may be that the partner is likely to get hijacked by the ghost writer as the real power exists in the power of writing and ingenious selection of the words/couplets etc. to impress the love partner.
    I had the capability of writing original poetry during those days and have written also many. A poetry is much more effective than the prose. More feelings and sentiments can be expressed in fewer words in the poetry format of love letters.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Writing love letters is an art. All the person will not have the ability to write love letters perfectly. But most of the time students are using there brain to make the girls attract. Still today i never writed a love letter. I dont have the courage to write a love letter and post it to our loved one. I feel something to someone but iam control it in my own way. I am witnessed several proposal. Also i saw a variety of love letters in my school days. In that time most of the boys have one way attraction. So sometime we will write some fake letters and give to friends by told that, it is given by she. So such funny moments are also due to the love letter. Now it is the time of new generation lovers. They are using various social media for exchanging their feelings.

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    Due to development of internet, and uses of mobile obviously there is huge reduction of writing love letters, but still we can not deny that no body is writing now days, because writing a love letter brings more feelings than sending a message on whatsapp, or chatting at face book. Because reading a love letter ( on paper), can read repeatedly until he/she get bore, can keep as memories and read when ever getting depressed. But now days this is a time taking and boring job, no body is interested to learn a paragraph as it is not easy to express what you want to say in a word or a single line.

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    #569717 : I can now say with immense pride that immediately after completion of my Graduation,during my Post-Graduation and during my training period after joining service in Railways, I was a well-known ghost-writer of love letters. I used to write many love-letters of many friends. In this way, I enjoyed free lunch and dinner in the most famous restaurants of Kolkata, Bolpur, Dhanbad and Guahati.
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    Mr. Sun, just now I have read your e-mail. I liked it. It would definitely impress Anamica (Anamika). But I suggest you to write a sample love-letter for the benefits of the needy.
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    In this technology development days, no easy to write love letters to lovers, it is easy to chat, mailing message and message through whatsapp etc. In this approach, there are time to save in both side, writing letter makes many creative thoughts to attract girls. Somebody will take as time passing to read message and leave it.

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    #569828: Thanks to Ms. Vimala for one of her rare comments in Forum. However, I would like to know from her and other Members whether love-letters are/were written only to attract girls? Didn't girls, young women write love-letters?
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