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    Necessity of growing herbal plants in houses

    In nowadays the diseases are common in all houses from child to elders. It is good to have herbal plants in the houses at least in the pots as we can use the same in the emergency situations. While planting such herbs we can ask our elders about the usage well. If so, we need not search the help of doctors in the odd hours.

    The following 15 herbs are good to plant in the houses.

    01.Tusli (basil)
    02.Thoothuvalai (purple fruited pea egg plant)
    03.Katraazhai (alo vera)
    04.yello karisalankanni
    05.ponnankanni (dwarf copper leaf)
    07.Nilavembu (chiretta)
    08.Poolankizhangu (kapur kachri or white turmeric)
    09.Karpoora valli
    10.dhoorva or arugu
    11.poonai meesai (java tea)
    13.nochchi or nirgundi
    14.thazhuthaazha or punarnava
    15.kazharchchi or bonduc nut

    No one get afraid or confused with the names as the above names are common in all places and we can get from the herbal stores or market.

    Besides this if place is there we can grow neem tree also.
    I used to eat a handful of tender neem leaves and karpoora valli mixed daily morning and I trained my brother's daughter also to eat like this.
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    Our Kitchen used to be the drug store and the front yard and backyard of our home used to be the medicinal plants farm till a couple of decades ago.
    Some of the very common herbs and plants which were seen there have now totally vanished. They come back now as ingredients in some branded 'herbal, natural medicines'.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Tusli (basil) plant was always with us wherever we were posted for other reasons also. But other than that, it was not possible to grow and nurture other plants due to various reasons. The people who remain at a single place with their own/ancestral houses with big courtyards and/or front/back yards/lawns and who have such interest/belief are likely to find it easier in indulging/affording such activities.
    However, I concur with the author that as far as possible we should prefer the use of herbal medicines to begin with for treating minor ailments. We regularly add ginger in tea during winters though buy from the vegetable vendor.
    As a matter of fact, most of the spices which we use daily are nothing but herbal medicines only.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Great message by author, although we are aware about those things but normally until unless some one suggest us , we do not keep or plant on our home, BAsil plant is normally we use as worship, also the leaf is being used for cough. I would like to suggest two plant ( mint and curry leaf). Those two things can be used in our cooking or can be prepare fr drinks ( with cold water. ) which is very helpful for our digestion, appetite.
    Also this does not take a huge place, can be planted in a small pot, and does not require too much attention and care for its growth, and it help us whole year.
    Also near by the home ( if space is available, wood apple can be plant, which leaf and fruit both are help ful to reduce gastric, acidity etc.

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