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    Some measurements to remember

    The following measurements were in vogue and still in many places they are used. To enrich our knowledge I am giving below;

    One feet is equal to 12 inches
    One cent is equal to 435.6 square feet
    One Ground is equal to 5.5 cents or 2400 sq.ft.
    One pit (kuzhi) is equal to 44 cent
    One Maa is equal to 100 kuzhi
    One kaani is equal to 132 cents or 1.32 Acre or 3 Kuzhi)
    One Acre is equal to 100 cents or 4046.82 sq.Meters)
    One Hectare is equal to 2 Acre and 47 cents (10 thousand sq.meters)
    One Mile is equal to 1.61 kilometers
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    The vernacular or local regional measurement terms narrated in lines 4,5 and 6 are new information to me. Though I have read the term 'Kaani nilam' or 'kaani plot' in Tamil books I did not know the exact measure of that. I had not heard 'Kuzhi' in this sense, but know its meaning only as'pit'.

    'Ground' is still spoken with regard to house plot sales in Tamil Nadu.

    Thanks Ramachandran for the information.Even though present day we talk about square feet, acre and hectares in legal documents, some such old terms are good for knowledge sake.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    I appreciate the author who has provided some details about measurement and in that the following can also be included :

    1 Sq yard is equal to 9 feet
    One gunta is equal to 121 Sq yd
    40 gunta is equal to 1 acre (4840)sq yds

    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Some of the units mentioned by the author are used in the FPS system of measurement. The remaining units of the list of the author are local units mainly used in Tamilnadu and in some areas of Kerala. The use of FPS system has been discontinued in India and the local units of Tamilnadu are not used elsewhere.
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    I heard Subramanya Bharathi, the great Tamil poet singing 'Kaani Nilam Vendum ..... But I really did not know how much a 'Kaani' measures. I am now aware of it through your good post. Thanks Mr. Ramu.
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    Similar local terms for measurement are prevalent in the various northern states also. In the state of Punjab, different terms are used and in the state of Uttar Pradesh different terminology is in vogue.
    Because of this reason only, metric system has been introduced in India also since long and presently only old generation people are familiar with the traditional non-metric measurement systems.
    The new generation is totally unaware about the traditional system. In case so required they will quickly open the conversion software on the internet and get the units converted.
    While talking on the subject matter, let me confess that I could not fathom so far the reason of prevalence of units like 'mile' and 'fahrenheit' still in USA.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Venkateswaran sir, the term Kuzhi is used in Tanjore area even today by many people.
    Partha sir, though many measurements are not in usage but the terms for our knowledge only I have given.

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