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    Physically absent but mentally present - please share your experiences.

    The usual phrase we have come across is physically present but mentally absent among students and absent minded professor etc., but this phrase may be applicable to few who are away from the relatives but always remember them and hence they may not miss to wish even a single celebrations and even some times when they have a repeated memory of some on some day, they may receive some interesting news on them too which may termed as intuition or telepathy etc., So interesting experiences may be shared by members who also experienced the same.
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    When we are thinking of some one who is very much liked by us and who is far away and never had the opportunity to visit or even talk on the cell phone, surely our mind be with him or her and we may do some wrong works also. When ever close relatives stays for long time and goes back to their home, we feel like lost in this world. The more attachment we keep with others, their parting ways would bother us. When ever I used to go Out of station, my mind is with my family and their thinking only. And after finishing my tour and when I come back on return journey, my level of joy cannot be told or measured. This is called attachment and life.
    K Mohan
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    It is mostly hears from the peoples that are migrated from the home land. When a function will occur in the family and if someone can't reach on occasion will told that "i am alltime with you by my mind". So in most of the programs we also present in mentally. For our family we are mentally present and physically absent. But for we, we are physically present but mentally absent. So both the sentence have a same meaning.

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    There are many who become a part of the life of almost all individuals. They are other than the close family members also. Sometimes our neighbors become a part of our life and we invariably remember them on certain occasions during our entire life.
    I had one such pen sister when I was studying in my graduation and post graduation. We had never met and used to write letters only , mostly inland letter.
    She was located in a different state far away from my own place. I had read one of her content published in a Hindi periodical in which her pen name and address was published. I wrote a letter to her and the correspondence continued for next 12 years uninterrupted.
    I used to miss her on the day of Raksha Bandhan. She used to send me a rakhi every year .
    She was a Muslim lady.
    I will remember her throughout my life.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I do not have so much interesting memories, but one day evening ( I was a 12 year kid), I was missing my father as he was out of town, I was expecting him at home with lots of sweets ( my favorite Rassogola), and after 10 minute the door bell ring, I opened and get shocked, as My dad was at the door step, then I saw he is holding something in his hand, I just take it from him immediately and found that was Rassagolas. I though I would have asked God to give me 100 out of 100 in my exam. But my wish as end with my father and Rassagola for that day.
    Another same thing happened with me while reaching at school, I had a feeling that our class teacher is going to sick, and after just taking the attendance she left the room and said cant take class any more as she is not feeling well.

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