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    How fast are our members who responds to the threads and their own post ?

    Normally during peak hours many members are on line and as soon a thread is posted, we can see many number of responses queuing one after other. But some times even a good thread lacks response even from the on line members. Do our members take pride or feel pride to answer first. Or they want others to initiate and then take their own path of responding. But what I feel that once you are online and any thread appears, take privilege to be a first member to respond. In that way author wont be deprived of responses from members.
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    I don't mind responding first or last or somewhere in between. If I see a thread and if I feel I can speak something about it then I respond. If I don't have much knowledge on topic of the thread being discussed, I refrain from responding. Also if what I had in mind is responded by any other member, I don't respond. Other wise responding first or last doesn't matter to me.

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    It is true that sometimes I don't prefer to post first in certain situations and wait for others to post first. Sometimes, a question type of thread is raised by a newbie and it is not clear, if the thread will survive in the forum section or will be moved to the ask expert section by the editors. Also sometimes certain threads of controversial nature are raised and it is not sure if the same will survive or not.
    Then there are cases when posting response on certain threads require more time and verification of related facts and figures from the internet resources before posting the response.
    Generally I make it a point to verify the facts before posting my response.
    Otherwise, I post my response irrespective of the author or nature of the issues raised in the thread.
    It is also a fact that I restrain myself from posting responses on certain kinds of threads with a view to avoid controversies later.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The first thing I do is check the thread at the top in the forum everyday.If it appears interesting from its slogan and response numbers,then I go ahead and read it.I also read through the responses if members and if I know about that topic,then only I respond.This is the procedure I follow everyday in ISC.Thread content is more important and it should force the maximum number of responses through its matter.
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    I never think whether I am responding first, second or last. If I come across an interesting thread and if I am not feeling lazy, I respond. My main criteria for responding are (a) whether the thread is interesting or not; (b) whether I know something about the subject under discussion; and (c) whether I am feeling lazy or not.
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    As I sight, I think for a while and attack if required. I don't wait for others to attack and I don't waste time.
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    I think when ever a member is online and found new forum post, might be answer only if he/she wants to give views on that topic, it is not easy to answer all posts, as we might not have knowledge or interest to discuss about that, but still I am trying to participate in all forum posts, so that I can share my views as well as can get knowledge by getting updates from other member also.

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