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    Saddest part of me..

    Have you ever experienced any incident in your personal or professional life which changed your life and caused you grief? Being social is human nature and one cannot remain aloof from meeting relatives,friends or anyone in our social circles.I have been an introvert type of person since teenage and it cannot be changed even with conscious efforts from my side.I can't express what is in my heart directly to the person who I want to deal with and it saddens me later on.
    Many people in such situations regret having not spoken what was in their heart and the words they utter are not the truth that they want to convey,moreso like a white lie.This is really depressing as this nature cannot be changed through practice and true feelings can't be conveyed.Members please share your advice and personal experiences on this topic.
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    I can understand the situation put forth by the author for discussion very well, because I am also an introvert type of person.
    To me there appears no sense in talking fake to people. Normally people are expected to be practical in social life and deliver certain stock statements which totally fit in the given context.
    Many people who are known as social people are generally proficient in talking during different situation, be the same be of happier kind or otherwise.
    During condolence meetings etc. also, I have seen people making certain stock statements like he/she was a very good human being etc. irrespective of their actual personality attributes.
    Within family also, though I participate in all kinds of social gatherings, but I find myself at a loss as to what to say or speak.
    The nature of individuals vary. Many of them are of very emotional or sentimental kind and many others take the things stoically.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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