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    Can examples bring changes in us?

    During our education we use some examples to solve out the problem, and learn a lot many things, also during conversation or guiding some one else we give so many examples. Do you think really people learn something from examples to live the life? If yes then why there are so many rape, theft, bribe, breaking rules, torturing old parents are happening although we know ( have witness with lot many examples that this is not good and will be punished one day).
    Do we teach other but do not learn for our selves from examples? Is this the behavior of human?
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    Please correct the spelling of example in the title of your tread. Also spelling of the word 'do' appearing in the body of the thread at two places, need to be corrected as 'Do' instead of 'DO'.
    Regarding the main issue raised in the thread, perhaps the humans are not prone to learn from the other's examples. They learn only the hard way when something happens to them directly.
    Even the parents cannot teach their children by preaching alone. They have to actually conduct themselves the way they wish their children to be in future.
    Failures are the best teachers. It is not only learning about preventing or minimizing the possibility of falling prey to certain untoward situations. It is about learning many day to day routine activities also.
    Most of the humans are compelled by the circumstances to behave as hypocrites.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    A concept is taught with examples to reinforce the knowledge. The examples given should be such that they relate to the real life problems. Then only the examples make a sense. The problems that are mentioned relate to the moral values. The moral values are common to all in the society. There will always be few people with different moral values in the society. They resort to the crimes like rape, theft etc. The percentage of the people with such nature is very negligible when compared to those who maintain moral values. The society exists because of this only. Otherwise there will be all sorts of evils in the society.
    When we teach in a classroom, some of the students understand the lesson and some never will. So is the case with the people in general. Some respect the basic morals and some do not.
    The human nature is such that they preach but do not practice. This only a generalised theory. There will be always some who preach and practice what they preach.

    With regards

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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