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    Have you ever caught butterflies in your childhood?

    We often come across many phrases/idioms associated with butterflies like 'butterfly stroke' in swimming and 'having butterflies in one's stomach' etc.
    The butterflies generally have four wings with scale or spots of relatively bright colors. Children love to run after them to catch.
    During my school days, I used to run after catching butterflies and sometimes used to be able to catch a few. There was a large garden in the school and during monsoons, many butterflies used to fly in the school garden.
    Have you ever caught butterflies in your childhood?
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    I was never a fan of butterflies to be honest.
    But I did catch a butterfly once, accidently. It was hovering over the flower pot. I instantly let it go.
    But I realised that doing that was a mistake on my part.
    The next evening, my house was completely blanketed by almost all local butterfly varieties. None of them refused to budge from their position. We tried switching the lights off. Most insects are attracted to light. But only in vain.
    It really felt as if they were on strike against me capturing their leader the previous night.
    Fortunately, just like most strikes, the pack weakened as time passed and they were completely gone by the next evening.
    That day I promised never to catch any butterfly, not even plastic ones.

    I initially thought all this was just a coincidence. But the same situation happened with a couple of my friends too.

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    Since our home was situated beside a pond and lots of greenery, surely butterflies and dragon flies used to be spotted and during childhood we would catch them and leave it away after making fun. Catching a butterfly is not that easy as we have to move closely and should not make noise. It is easy to catch a butterfly when its both wings are closed. We get colorful butterflies and there would be competition among us as to who will catch what kind of butterflies. Likewise dragon flies are caught and small thread is tied to it, as it flies past, we can see our threads also following them and that makes big fun for us. Due to heaviness of thread the flies do back to the ground.
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    I used to catch a lot of butterflies and I loved catching them. We stayed in a quarters which was surrounded with many trees and was greenery and we could find variety of beautiful butterflies my friend and I were always spotted catching a butterfly and that gave us some sort of pleasure. Also looking at those butterflies gave us so much pleasure. Now if I visit that place I stayed, I hardly see any butterflies there. Also even in cities there are no butterflies spotted. This generation kids will never get to experall such things.

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    In my locality where I stay now, many residents take special interest in gardening. So during spring we can still see lots of butterfly. I still see small girls (yes, girls; but not boys) running after butterflies. The innocent pleasure activity gives immense pleasure to me.
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    Can't say I've been a fan of butterflies, although they do look prettier than most insects. I've never tried to catch them either, as I don't see the point of it. They aren't harassing me or causing me any harm, so I can't say I'd like to do that to them.

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