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    Are feedback forms useful?

    At the end of each month, we are given an hour off. But we never wish for that hour. It's an hour we are given to fill out the feedback forms. To give feedback on our teachers and staff.

    Feedbacks are taken for almost everything. Be it in your workplace, college or even for the product you just bought.

    Of what use is a feedback, when people fill it just for the sake of getting through it? Genuine feedbacks are what's important. But most feedback forms fail to get that.
    Although most feedbacks are anonymous, we even have the opportunity to mention our details in some. Only a few would have the guts to write negative points about a person, with their name on such a form. We all clearly know the consequences of it. So usually onymous feedback forms give only a rosy picture about the person. Clearly unauthentic feedback.

    So what's the use of having such a feedback form, irrespective of it being in digital or in paper form?
    Aren't personal, on the spot feedback better? For a stage performer, claps and tomatoes or boos from the audience are his on the spot feedback. Would he wait for the audience to fill up feedback forms on his performance?
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    Surely feedback from every one is taken at the school, college and even at the work place to ascertain the satisfaction level of the concerned persons, any changes that required to be done, any positive thing that must be introduced. In organizations and companies the feedback will go a long way to improve the conditions of the employees at the work place. The HR department shall compile those feedback and make a list of wishes about complaints, suggestions and steps to improve the work culture. One thing is sure, Management cannot ascertain everything on its own, therefore feedback would be immensely help to set right things.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    The system of filling a printed or electronic feedback forms has started only few years or decades back, but the importance and significance of feedback was known since ages. In case of businessmen and individuals , the word to mouth feedback used to play an important role. We used to label our neighborhood shopkeeper by different adjectives depending upon his /her performance. Even in our social circle, various relatives were rated on the basis of feedback, received about them from others.
    While contacting any individual first time for any specific purpose, people used to inquire about him/her as to how is the individual concerned.
    In social system, there was a very important parameter of rating individuals which was his 'character'. People used to maintain a distance from such people.
    However, the author is right in pointing out that the modern system of filling feedback forms is a farce to say the least. Many people don't even read the form and just mechanically tick the tiny square boxes.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Feed back is all about the experience of product, services, behaviour attitude etc.
    I have seen many advantages of giving accurate feedback, I had been to a coffee shop, and in feed back I wrote down about their wash room, which is not being cleaned properly, but after my feedback, I found every time they keep it clean, it is not about particular service, even to get promotions employer gets feed back from the reporting authority.
    Feed back should be always honest with proper description then only we can get better and proper result in future.

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    Most of the changes and improvements we see in most things and systems are all result of various feedbacks and user complaints.

    It is the ultimate end user who can say about the product. It can be a law, a manufactured item, a service or anything that has users and takers. The opinion and suggestion may be on quality, quantity, price, improvements needed, comparison with competitor etc.

    All users or stakeholders may not get opportunity and forum for direct interface for feedback or discussion. Some may not like exposure and like it anonymous. Feedback becomes important at this situation.

    Those who do not give importance to feedbacks are sure to be doomed.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    A small example I would like to give, although ISC has some particular owner, but still they are asking for feed back after changing some layout or design of the page or any new rules. Because they know that by taking the feed back they can know whether their decisions for the new change or idea will acceptable by members and the visitor or not?
    So you can guess how feed back is important.

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