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    How 5 marks turn into 5 kg waste in just 12 months

    As I was walking through the corridors of my college, a particular sight shook my heart. It was the time of yearly maintenance and everyone was busy cleaning. That's when I noticed my name out there. It was my laboratory study record. It was one among the hundreds of books being trashed out. What surprised me was that out of every 3 trash cans kept for this task 2 were overflowing with such books. Books we spent hours writing!

    Every student spends almost 50% of his student time writing things that never help him in any way. I can understand the significance if such writing works have some purpose in our future.
    Most teachers assign such laborious writing work under the name of internal assignments. Students are made to pen down pages and pages which seemingly have no value once the student has been evaluated. Isn't the student's entire effort becoming futile if all these assignments and records are only means to get some marks and later on end up in a trash can? The only other benefit that can be obtained from such assignments is enhancing the writing speed of students.
    Moreover usually, due to time constraints, the teachers cannot fully assess such assignments and records. Aren't such writing works crucifying waste of time, effort and money both on the side of students as well as teachers?

    At an age where paper based tests are being replaced by online ones, isn't it time to remove such unnecessary aimless rote work? Shouldn't we be focusing on assignments that help the student in future too rather than acting only as a means to attain some internal marks?
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    A very good pondering over thread initiated by the author which was the matter of discussion in every students mind. Yes I too agree that it goes with time and energy for any student to prepare a record book and get impressed by the professor to get the mark. And after that the book is not given to the respective student and college keeps the same for their "record" and eventually every year they would make the cleaning process and all the records were shredded or destroyed within no time. Just imagine if this kind of things were done in front of the student who spent his whole year to write those records and now gone into dust bin.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Wastage of paper has its impact on the ecological balance also. Prior to advent of internet, it was not possible to switch over to alternate means like digital versions of the documents. After it has become possible, efforts are being made by all concerned to reduce the use of physical paper and people are switching over also to the digital formats.
    Manufacture of paper requires felling of trees, which in turns disturbs the ecological balance.
    Most of the periodic monthly bills like phone bills, credit card bills, bank statements and many such other documents are being sent through emails.
    The concept of paperless offices is also getting popularized gradually.
    Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi had contributed a lot in this direction during his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat.
    In educational institutions, educational methodology is getting digitized at a fast pace. There will not be even text books in hard copy versions.
    Such changes takes sometime, which often extends over a period of decades.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I can write about long labour and kilos of paper wasted just for a tick mark..

    It was during times before the computerisation era in my job. Just after the close of financial year, each branch offices were to compulsorily send various statements. These statements were so varied and differently identified with alphabet-numerical nomenclatures. They were supposed to be important realistic management information tools. To cull out some useful data, it needed further compilation at each controlling office an then at the corporate office.

    However, the preparation of them took so long time that when they actually reach the management they are practically useless as old historic data. . Each office specially deputes and segregate a few key personnel on the statement making job. There will be routine reminders from the controlling offices. The HOD s or Branch in charges will be humiliated in meetings for late submission.

    But oh my God, I found it one day. Shock. The big packet comes from one of the branch offices to the controlling offices. The clerk in the department enters it in the inward mails register, then makes a tick mark against the name of that branch office in a big register and sends it just like that to the backside record dumping room through the peon.

    Costly labour and material wasted just for a tick mark.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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