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    ISC birthday logo makeover

    On the occasion of ISC's tenth birthday,why not suggest a few taglines or slogans for ISC starting with the letters I,S and C and make a three word interesting tagline related to education or with other letter combinations also?
    Here are a few suggestions from my side,
    India Study Channel
    Inspiration Sophistication Cultivation
    Influence Socialise Cultivate
    Ignition Self mastery Coordination
    Imbibing knowledge Inspiring words Igniting minds
    Indoctrination Illumination Inculcation
    Edification Elevation Enligtment
    Polish Progress Refine

    Members,please add to the list or give your own suggestions.On an ending note,the current tagline "Learn to earn,Earn to learn" is very appropriate and meaningful,these are just suggestions for the same on this happy occasion.
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    Good effort from the author. Let every member create a by line for our site and from my side I am sharing this :

    Involve Surge Co-exist

    Members please respond.

    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I would prefer to interpret the abbreviation ISC as 'Intellectual Stimulating Contents'.
    'Learn to Earn, Earn to Learn' is the motto of ISC.
    However the logo of the ISC appearing on the left upper corner of the home page is also unique in nature. One has to watch is continuously for few seconds to enjoy its beauty as well as the message it conveys.
    While talking on the subject matter of ISC as an abbreviation, there are few interesting expanded forms of ISC which are as follows -
    International Seismological Center
    Internet Society of China
    International Storytelling Center
    International Study Center
    Integrated Supply Chain
    'I Stand Corrected'
    International Student Center etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Interesting idea to expand the letters ISC! It should be such, though, that the adjectives, nouns, etc are coordinating with the site's content and not wholly way off-key (China??!). As for the logo, members can participate in this creative writing contest centered on the ISC logo
    Managing Editor,

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