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    How to be a spoiler - the ME is ANGRY!

    With so much enthusiasm we announced ISC's birthday and the awards for inspirational members. I came online today to announce a contest and what do I see? Not just congratulatory & best wishes on the occasion of the foundation day, but questions being raised that not just dampened my mood but made me really angry. Why is it necessary to rake up a controversy in perfectly happy threads?

    First, the birthday announcement thread- the words are not read properly & the question of the date it is posted is brought up. Why?

    Second, the inspirational member award thread - instead of one award as announced earlier, two are announced. Questions are raised why the difference in the cash prizes and demands made to know the poll details. Why? (a) Does the lesser cash prize take away the value of the award? (b) Wasn't it made very, very clear in the earlier announcement that poll details would not be revealed?

    Third, the thread inviting ideas to celebrate ISC's birthday - here again, the same issues are raised. Why?

    We do not expect members to play party poopers and to de-value the worth of a thread. Please - just stay out of such threads if you cannot convey good responses in such threads. If at all you do have this mindless urge to create a needless controversy, you very well know of the existence of a a problems/complaints category in the forum. Why not post a separate thread then instead of hijacking others' threads, that too happy ones?

    It is hoped that henceforth members behave in a mature manner and maintain the sanctity & value of a thread.
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    Since I had raised the issue of differentiation in the prize money of the inspirational, members, I owe it to my responsibility to offer my explanation.
    In my opinion, a differentiation in prize amount do makes a difference, particularly in the 'inspirational member' type of polls. 'Inspirational' means 'inspirational'. Categorizing or grading the same belittles the value and dignity of the class or level 'inspirational'
    It is not a complaint, but a comment or point of view, which I expressed on the thread itself.
    Also in professional matters, perhaps there is no room for being 'angry'. It is enough to issue guidelines etc. in impassionate manner.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Madam ME, This SUN is HAPPY.

    1. There is no reason to worry or get angry with a member. We are at liberty to put up our real feeling on any day in any way. We are not spoilers. We are the helpers of ISC.

    2. Can't ISC ME wait for just 4 hours to get into the ISC date?. Though the right date 1st July is visible in the summary, Why a hurried post? I only suggested that it could have been posted on the right ISC date. Why Angry?

    3. The voting may be secret. But the announcement of result of the winners with the number of votes need not be a secret. If that is the case, voting was not required. ISC could have selected the members for Inspirational award on their own without voting. What is harm if the members name and number of votes received are indicated? Does anyone get affected by this ? I don't think so. It is incorrect if a member says that he has voted for so and so and if an authority says that so and so has voted for so and so. What I wanted is only the names of members who have been voted for, and the number of votes received. This would help us to know more about the available inspirational members who lost their winning chance.

    4. If I had I raised a different thread to put up my suggestion or sort out my query, that thread would have been sent to the delete section, I was sure. Instead, you could have responded through a PM.

    5. One guy has already branded me as 'Subramanya Swamy of ISC'. It was a name calling, and ISC never bothered to check that guy. Why not I continue to remain as the same Swamy !

    6. Finally, In a party or a feast where happiness prevails, don't we say " It would have been better if some more salt was added to taste better/Sugar could have been more in the Gheer" Does it spoil the happy mood of the party or feast or the host and guests. I am sure, the host will smile and say " We will take care in future." That should be the spirit of the ME without getting ANGRY.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Mr. Kailash Kumar: In a winners' announcement thread is it a good idea to make a comment on the type of award (in this case the difference in the cash prize) given? If that is not belittling it then what is?

    Sun: how exactly are you a "helper" by raising queries in a winners' announcement thread or in a thread which invites ideas? That is "helping"?! Also, I have yet to see a thread raised as a complaint being deleted.

    You did not bother to read the text of the birthday announcement carefully. Read again: (a) "completes 9 years today" - which means 9 years completed on 30th. (b) The seed was sown on 1st July - it clearly indicates the birthday date. I had prepared the text well in advance and deliberately posted it before the date change so that it fitted appropriately with the text.

    There is no question whatsoever of revealing number of votes and who were nominated. Yet again you erred - you did not read the announcement thread when votes were invited, where it was mentioned clearly that all this would not be revealed. It was a ballot via email. If the Webmasters had wanted it to be open, they would have accordingly instructed so and held it openly in the forum itself. Instructions of the Webmasters must always be adhered to don't you think?

    If name-calling was done against you, you could have said so through a message to a forum editor or protested about it via forum thread. Why didn't you?

    You've added neither salt nor sugar. Just needless mirch masala to create a ruckus. You could say the same about this thread, but the aim of this thread was to bring attention about how good threads get spoiled because, despite repeated admonitions even through messages, it continues. Hence, it had to be brought out in the open forum. I know I am expressing my anger, but how can I not be angry when I see such needless controversial comments when we ought to be celebrating a momentous occasion? I care far too much to just let it go unnoticed.

    Managing Editor,

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    Let us forget all controversies and disputes for some time and enjoy the fruits of our hard labour. Why so much dispute about the inspirational Members? Let us presume that the Member who has got maximum vote has got the biggest prize money. The Member who has got second largest vote share got the second best prize money.

    'Enjoy life king-size!'

    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Exactly Partha! You got the point, as did Dhruv who pointed this out in the thread inviting ideas.
    Managing Editor,

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    What I understand is - "When love is thin, the fault is thick" a proven proverb. If the name calling is from a forum editor, whom to lodge a complaint. What if the fence eat the crop? ISC Admin favours their editors and justifies their action. I never heard about ISC warning their editors.

    Anyway, I am not ready to keep you angry any more. I remain ever happy as a good ISCian today, tomorrow and forever. I feel myself as a helper though others feel me as a spoiler. I will continue with my contributions to ISC as SUN and Subramanya Swamy.

    @Helper means - Helping others to know things in a better way by raising queries.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Well Mr Kailash, rather than being a professional set up, ISC is more like a large social family. And in a family, one has the right to express his or her emotions. It could be anger, happiness, sorrow, displeasure or anything else. Without emotions, ISC will become a very boring site. If people start responding to each other in a professional manner, then most of us will stop interacting in the forum and it will all become dull. Perhaps, because we can express our emotions, feelings, angst, the channel has gained such popularity, which even it's sister channels could not achieve. Time and again, we have been expressing in the forum that ISC is more like a family. When ISC is considered as a family by most, then why should a member, whoever it may be, not have the right to express his or her emotions, whatever way they may feel like.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    Dhruv (#569821 )- I agree with you. All members including me are free to express their opinions.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I request all forum active members first to pardon me for this long,(but necessary post .
    I could have very well made this post as a private message to the Managing Editor. But as the topic has agitated ME and also created some natural doubts in the minds of at least a few members, I thought it proper to put my frank views here. Moreover member Kailash Kumar had requested me to put my frank views in this matter. Hence I pen this post; frank and fair, as is my habit and conviction.

    1.Doubts and misunderstanding crop up naturally when there is not abundant clarity in communication.

    2. Sometimes lack of clarity and lack of details gives rise to half understanding of a matter and naturally results in more doubts than what is understood.

    3. When changes are made from what was openly announced, and it is forgotten to clarify and justify those changes ,even inadvertently, the intention will get questioned. The action ,however benign, will be viewed critically.

    In the present case, all the above three had contributed to the present predicament. Let me explain.

    In the original announcement it was announced that "It comes with a cash prize of Rs.150/
    But when the result was announced, Venkiteswaran was awarded Rs 200/- The increased amount of the prize was not announced. That was mistake no.1.. It was decency on the part of the members not questioning that.

    In the announcement thread it was mentioned "You should not nominate more than one member and you can give only one nomination registration". That naturally gives the feeling that there is only one award. But when result was announced two members (Venkiteswaran and Juana) were awarded. But it was not at all mentioned whether one is first prize and other runner up or second. In the absence of such categorisation, it is natural to expect that both awardees should be given same amount of prize money. Is it not mistake 2 &3?

    I request ME not to take it as personal offensive when a member comes with differing opinion or brings out the errors of omission and commission. Instead the same should be calmly gone through, reviewed and analysed. If there is worth in it that should be welcomed with all openness. If it does not have any substance, but just frivolous, then it should be stated so and rejected straight in a clear way.

    Now the members Sun and Kailash Kumar are also not above blame,( but in technicality and courtesy.). I consider their point as right and worth to be looked upon and the matter to be set right. But they could have left that particular thread undisturbed. They could have raised the points in a separate thread. It does not affect me personally, at this age and stage. But just think of the case when a relatively young member would have been awarded. The person would have felt it bitter and the taste of joy would have been spoiled. In that way I agree with ME's thread title.

    I am sure that not just Sun or Kailash Kumar, but more members also could have seen the difference between original terms and the actual in results. Probably they would have felt it inappropriate to voice the same in the congratulation thread.

    I close this with a request to ME, not to take it as blame, but as setting things straight with bridging the communication gap that has created confusion and doubts. Post of ME has its responsibility, respectability and extra liability to be calm, balanced and not to repudiate each and every criticism. Criticism comes only because people are active, they observe your work, regard and respect you and hence do not want blemish to come to you. It is only such reactions and feedback that can take us to more perfection.

    All is well that ends well. If there is will there is way,:to make things well.

    With regards,

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Venkiteswaran Ji - You have responded truly as an inspirational member of the ISC.
    I accept my mistake and agree that it would have been better, had my response was not posted on the congratulatory thread. But I was not sure if my new thread on the subject matter will survive or not.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Thank you everyone for your honest opinion. The main intention of posting this thread by ME could be the responses diverting the happy mood of the members on an auspicious day of celebration and dragging the event into controversy by pointing out certain technical glitches. As you are aware that these awards are of first of its kind, there is always a scope for redesigning and improvement. That could have been suggested by the members at a later date.

    Just think of an important occasion like marriage or birth day celebration arranged by you and someone creating some technical problem about arrangements and other things. He may be right too. But how awkward it would be before the guests ? How it would be nice for us to be looked upon by others with different eyes? Same is the case in our present scenario.

    There is nothing more to be discussed upon and I am compelled to lock this thread.


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