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    Do sleeping style will tell our mood?

    There is a theory drawn that our sleeping style in bed will know what kind of mood you are whether you are angry,sad,fearing,thinking like this for example when somebody sleeps with folding hands then they are said to be fearing for some thing, whenever somebody put their hand on their head and sleep that means they are thinking on a particular thing e.t.c. Do really sleeping style tell what is our mood?What name they will give for this type of study(like Graphology).Knowledgeable members please respond to the question
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    I am not familiar with any term associated with the study of sleeping postures specifically, though polysomnography is a type of test carried out for diagnosing sleep disorders. In such tests several body functions like heart rate and rhythm, breathing rate and rhythm, snoring, brain activity, eye movement and chest and belly movement etc. are recorded and interpreter by the medical experts.
    However Indian 'Vastu Shastra' and Chinese 'feng shui' systems prescribe favorable geographical directions for sleeping.
    The common lying postures are supine i.e. lying on the back with the face up, prone i.e. lying on the chest with the face down, log position i.e. lying on one's side with the arms down the side and fetal position i.e. lying curled etc.
    I am have never come across any scientific study which interprets the way what the author of the thread has mentioned.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I wont agree with the notion that the thinking level of the person decides his sleeping style. Sleeping is the resting time for any one and those who get maximum comfort and satisfaction they choose such pose and go asleep. For me I shall turn to my left , though I have two pillows, getting down my left hand would feel comfort for me and I shall go to deep sleep within minutes. After some time I shall change the side to right side. When there is only few minutes to wake up, I shall chose the straight post and put my both hands on the chest and sleep. Surely within minutes I shall get up after a nap. Now tell me what can be inferred from my three ways of sleeping ?
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    I can not deny, as people are researching a lot on such types of behaviour of human, they decide the nature of your hair style, wearing clothes, eating habits etc, so we can not deny that if a person is sleeping in particular style have some specific behaviour.
    And I love to read such articles and always compare myself and my near and dear to imagine what kind of person they are. Most of time I found the exact result as per the research or mentioned in that article.

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    I'm not sure whether the sleeping styles while sleeping indicate it mood. But I'm pretty sure the style we go to sleep in is surely dependent on our mood.
    Try this out and tell me about it, if possible.
    Those persons who extremely sad and helpless due to an incident that occurred in their recent times, will surely place their hands closer to heart similar to a prayer pose. The day when you have completed all your to-do-list items, you would be mostly sleeping with both arms cupping your head from beneath.

    People mostly have unique sleeping habits. But whether there is a significant variation in their mood, it surely would show in the way they begin to sleep.

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