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    Benefits of Ginger in our daily use

    Ginger is available in all markets of all places. Many of us do not know the benefits inherited in the Ginger and uses in our daily routine as heredity.
    • It helps us to get removed the block in blood vessels and thereby prevents the heart-attack
    • Continuous vomiting, giddiness would be cured by consuming the juice of ginger and white onion mixed with honey.
    • Cough and breath inconvenience could be cured by consuming the juice of ginger and pomegranate mixed with honey
    • It has been proved medically as the breast cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer are controlled through the usage of ginger
    My mother used to give us a mixture of ginger juice, jaggery and lemon juice once in a month to all of us till our college finishing days.
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    There are few factors associated with the intake of ginger which should be kept in mind -
    1. Ginger may reduce the blood pressure like the way, some medications taken for blood pressure and heart diseases. Therefore the individuals taking such medicines should be careful as excessive intake of ginger may result in blood pressure to drop too low or an irregular heart beat.
    2. Ginger reduces blood sugar level also. Taking ginger along with regular diabetes medicines may result in blood sugar dropping too low. The dosage of diabetes medications might require adjustments in consultation with medical professionals in case regular intake of ginger is envisaged.
    3. Anticoagulant or antiplatelet drugs i.e. the medicines which slow down blood clotting process interact with ginger. Ginger slows blood clotting process, therefore taking ginger along with medications that also slow down blood clotting may increase the chances of bruising and bleeding.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    My Grand mother offer us dry ginger powder with added of little black salt, as she said that it will increase our appetite ( as during our school time we avoid our meals and spend lot of time on playing), and now I can recall those timing actually when ever we take that powder with little warm water I feeling hungry after 1 hour and my digestion power get increased.SO this is really helpful for me, although there are lot many benefits but I have not directly benefited from that, as I know that the Ginger syrup is good for avoiding cough.

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    Irrespective of its advantages, ginger is widely used in our house and it added in chutneys and also I fond of ginger tea which is even liked by my children. Surely ginger must be there in every house.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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