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    Pride of Pista in our daily use and its medicinal usage

    Pista Nuts though a rich one and rare consumption in ordinary people, nowadays, it is available in normal prices and in all shops to enable ordinary people could buy it.
    The usage is immense as below:
    • It enriched with vitamin B6 which is highly useful to produce the Hemoglobin in our blood.
    • The content of Vitamin B6 helps in yielding oxygen to cells in our body
    • The content of vitamin E helps our body to prevent shrinkage in skin and gives shining.
    • The content of Carotenes protect the eyes of us well and prevents eye cataract
    • It reduces the bad LDL fat in our body.
    • It helps highly the Type 2 diabetic patients as it contains 60 percent of Mineral and phosphorus in a cup of pista. As the phosphorus content of Pista convert the glucose into amino acid in our body, the consumption of pista is good to the Type 2 diabetic patients
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    I presume that by 'pista' the author means pistachio nut only. Though 'pista' is the common name of the pistachio nut in Hindi language, but it is better to confirm.
    Good quality pistachio nut is available in the market in the price range of around Rs. 900 per Kg. Therefore perhaps it cannot be said that it available in the market at normal/affordable price for a common man. That way it is costlier than the other two popular nuts i.e. almond and cashew nuts.
    The pistachio kernel is consumed either fresh or in roasted with salt variety. Its other uses are in the delicacies like 'kulfi', 'barfi', icecream and 'halwa' etc.
    Generally almonds are preferred by the people over pistachio nut for regular intake for attendant benefits.
    In poorly harvested or processed pistachios, aflatoxin is found which is a known carcinogenic.

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    Either too I was also thinking that Pista is the take home for the rich and affordable people and not for us, and after reading this thread surely I shall go for shopping Pista this time and include in our recipes.
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    Pistachio has become extremely costly and has gone out of reach of even higher-middle class people. Moreover, it is not easily available in India.
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    Price is correct as Rs.120 per 100 gram. But we can use the same as cashewnuts atleast once in a market also sells this

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