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    Reasons for lack of attention and preventive measures

    Reasons for lack of attention and preventive measures

    Lack of attention leads us to many dangerous results in our routine. The following are major reasons according to the psychologists:
    • Fatigue: Continuously working in a same work gives us tiresome stage and fatigue control us.
    • Stress: Tension in our mind affects us very much to have lack of attention as our though fully surrounded with the tension. Sometimes the tension on finishing the job in time may form tension in us.
    • Mulsti Tasking: Multi tasking, that is doing multiple jobs at a time is good one way but as it may leads to lack of attention in one job, we should take much care while handling multiple jobs.
    • Boredom: We may have sometimes the thought of boring ourselves on doing same job daily which leads us to have lack of attention.
    Physical factor: Bodily inconvenience is a major factor for a lack of attention in us. The persons suffering from stomach ache, Body pain, diabetic, High BP, nervousness are examples of this type of factor.
    Preventive measures
    • Reduction of Negative thoughts in us and improving ourselves into Positive thoughts
    • Finding the factors which are distracting us
    • Working in the peaceful atmosphere
    • Meditation
    • Dividing the work into many parts and doing one by one
    • Planning with 'To do List'\
    • Leaving the word 'doing it later' from us as removing procrastination character from us
    • Having good and healthy foods.
    • Relaxing ourselves with some intervals during working continuously
    • Working with patience
    • Having a nice sleep in the previous night
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    I think relaxation in between the work or daily routine is must. Generally the people who are too much busy being involved in multi-tasking without any time of rest etc. in between, encounter symptoms like fatigue, stress etc. Thus it makes a kind of vicious circle. They have no time to rest and relax and the same is required for getting relief from such symptoms. Therefore generally such situations worsen to the extent of people being compelled to seek intervention of medical professionals.
    Regarding the preventive measures, it is easier said than done. As far as organization of work by preparing 'to do' list or adequate planning etc. is concerned, that is generally done by people suffering from such symptoms, but the same is done to compress or add more work into the already busy schedule.

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    There are many ways to tackle lack of attention on the work and some of them are , have a little bread between the hectic work and try to change the style of working. For example if you are reading, go for little writing and then reading. Likewise go for watching some fun jokes on television, you will get the required energy. If the work involves long travel, take with you some one who is trusted and believed. The journey would be enjoyable and you wont feel the fatigue or stress. That is why even in fields the farmers work in unison with the farm workers and thus the work gets over easily without even feeling of stress. These are simple tips.
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