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    Why good sense wont prevail with Car owners. They bring car into crowd and then ponder over.

    We all know that Ramzan Eid is round the corner and hectic shopping activities are going on around Charminar area. The road from Pathergatti to Charminar and beyond are always busy and with advent of Ramzan festivities the push cart vendors shift to the middle of the road permanently for those one week and thus walking for pedestrians would be problem and I fail to understand as to why cars are also driven through those narrow space causing untold hardships to the walkers, shoppers and shop keepers.
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    Many car owners who come for shopping in the area don't find any space to park their cars. There may be others who daily travel on that road though may not be concerned with the shopping. Even adopting a longer route may not be fruitful as within city almost all roads become crowded in the evening particularly in shopping areas during festival season.
    As a matter of fact the area become crowded because of cars only as such vehicles require more space to move compared to two wheelers, bicycles etc.
    Many people believe that the fun of festivals lies in crowds only. In case there is no crowds, then the festival will appear 'feeka' (insipid).

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    K mohan sir, although I have not visited the street you have mentioned, I think although we all know that during festival season teh road get full of vendors, people visit for shopping, then it is not necessary to avoid crowd a car owner will take his bike for shopping. I know it brings panic and irritation among car drivers as well as the person who stuck in traffic jam , but think about the car owner, if they need to shop a lot, then either they need to bring own car or will hire an auto which might take same space in market area. So it is a common habit we can not say car owner are arrogant or showing and intentionally creating problems for others.

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    There is a allotted parking spot in that area, but car owners do not want to walk and shop that is the big ego with them.
    K Mohan
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    Another pity thing in the car owners action is driving cars in the rainy season by slashing the road water (with mud etc.,)on the passeby people without seeing anything. There are old people who walks in the rainy water by holding umbrella in hand very slowly but these persons driving car behind them without any mercy blowing horns and slashing water on them.

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    Everybody has a right to use the streets, so saying that the car owners should not use the streets in festival season is absurd. There are people who don't use a 2 wheeler, or can't walk or don't know how to ride a scooter or a bike. Moreover there are elderly people too who are not comfortable with pillion riding. What are they supposed to do? Just sit at home? No.

    The solution is to regulate the traffic and creation of more parking lots. Also, the citizens should be conscious of their duties & obligations. If they drive properly & obey all the rules, then the problem would be a lot more lesser.

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    K mohan sir, I think the only solution is the municipal corporation with taking the help from local police should check the posh area during festival season that no car will enter in to that place, and if there is any violation of traffic and parking rule, they should be charged with high fine ( and yes there should be sufficient awareness create about this fine method). Then might be in future automatically they will follow the proper parking rules which will not create hazard among other people.

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    Even I get frustrated when people bring their car for congested areas. It is not the case that they have to come only in car. Their house will be nearby, they can still bring a two wheeler and buy items and go but that will not happen. They will bring their car, take it through crowded area and park it in a place that has less space for walking in the road.

    I don't know if that is the laziness or their mind set. Recently I'm hearing lots of incidents where people even run over other walking on the road.

    I should really say a good service that is being offered by Google Maps. I'm not sure how many people have noticed this. Where ever we go, Google will provide you nearest location for parking slots. Some of the suggestions given by Google is really wonderful and helping.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S Balasubramanian

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