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    Hostel Study or Home based Study - which is the best for children?

    In the Present days, husband and wife both are going to work for money earning. It is very essential to earn more and developing for our dreaming life. There is no time to take care of children. The children undergo higher studies to take time to travel long distance. So, which is the best to study children in hostel or home based study?
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    Primarily it depends on the individual's circumstances. People take decisions about such matter as per their own prevailing situations. For many families, it is not possible to afford the increased cost of putting their children in hostels as it involves hostel fee, mess charges, phone charges and travelling expenses. Many parents are too possessive about their children and don't want to send their children at distance places. Similarly many children feel home sick in going away to live in hostels. One of the reasons is the ragging factor also.
    On the other hand many parents send their children abroad also for higher studies. In my opinion after attaining the age of 18 years, the children should be sent to hostels in case they are meritorious and are able to get admission in a reputed college/institution.
    In this manner the children will be able to learn to become self dependent and face the ground realities of the life.

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    This is purely depend upon the children, whether going to school, or college. There is huge difference between individual study and group study. Some do well in group and some love to study alone and perform very well. I can not say any of these two is best than other, because I remember my self personally during my 10 th Exam, we were sitting in group to clear our doubts, but I spend most of time on gossiping and stick to one particular problem with all until it get clear to every one, then I started studying alone, and clear my doubts from my teacher, then I found that most of my problem get solved in very less time period than previous. SO for me study alone is the bets method but in mean while I take the help of group studies.

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    The choice depends on the following main factors; Expenditure, Traveling time, Maturity and focus of the student.
    I'll illustrate these from my college experience.

    1. Expenditure - Most of the time, the expenses incurred by a hosteller are more than what a day scholar has to bear. You have to pay for almost every small thing that comes up each time while you are in hostel. Don't forget the regularly increasing hostel fee.

    2. Travel time - This makes a huge difference. Shuttling between house and college isn't that enjoyable especially if the two are far away from each other. The more of transportation also makes a significant impact. If there's no college bus facility near your house, it's better to either shift to hostel or shift your residence temporarily to a location closer to college. It becomes really difficult, especially during exam times, to carry all complex equipments like engineering drafters through a jam packed local train for almost 2 hours. The student who have neither time but energy to focus on studies. That's exactly what I and my friends did. By shifting residences and opting for college bus facility, we used to sleep less during lectures.

    3. Maturity - Parents take all these efforts so that students can focus on studies and campus activities. If your ward isn't mature enough to handle the sudden change in surroundings, it's better to make him day scholar. Hostel life requires some getting used to. One practical solution is to become a day scholar for the initial year or so and then shift to hostel after that.

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    That depends on the student. Some students need to study for long time after classes to understand subjects etc,. Such students are more likely to do well if they are in house and get parental guidance but less likely to do well if they are in hostels. Because the other students will be a disturbance (not on purpose). If such student is mature enough to deal with his/her studies, friends etc., he/she can prefer a hostel. Some students need to study for some time after classes to understand subjects etc,. Such students can do well if they are in hostels but very well if they are in house and get parental guidance. Some students doesn't need to study after classes (rare). Such students can do well whether they are in house or in hostels. And, this is not the only factor. Some students prefer to study alone and they can't do well if they are in hostels. In my opinion, a student's situation must be analysed by himself/herself and his/her parents before making the decision to join a hostel.

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    What I feel that hostel facilities are provided to children out of compulsion and that does not have any effect on their studies. If the children are under direct care of elders and parents, they will be chased and looked after their progress, but in hostel they are exposed to loneliness, home sick and above all they have full freedom to negate education and instead have activities on other things. What I have seen that hostel based students are not respecting the parents as they feel that they have been discarded by the family, relatives and friends and thus a frustration type of life develops inside them and they keep quiet even after coming to their own house.
    K Mohan
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