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    What people generally do with their electronic junk?

    At one time I had a lot of electronic junk accumulated in my house in the form of irreparable laptop/printer/mobile phones and such other items. There were many cables also which generally we receive together with bought electronic gadgets. We also receive many CDs, user manuals, and extra attachments etc. which we never use. But generally it pains to throwaway such items. It is kept stored for any possible use in future, but generally that day never comes.
    However, good sense prevailed and I was able to throw away such items one fine day.
    What people generally do with their electronic junk?
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    If junk is larger quantity then I sold it the scrap dealer, whether it gives me Rs 20-40 ( I am not worried about to make that much profit), but I know that at least these scrap will being used for recycling. But if the amount is very small like a piece of CD, a broken key board then I through it in to the dustbin and through it out of my home, so that either municipal person will take it. Either they send it for recycle or destroy it.

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    Well over the passage of time the electronic gadgets become old and are replaced with new one and the old will go to the shelf and remains there for years. Best way is to dispose of them to the kabadi wala for a pittance.
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    The best is to dispose them off by selling them to a kabadi as early as possible.

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    The E- Waste is a dangerous item to throw away in dust bins. The E-Waste contains metals, glass which are non degradable. The electronic items which are in condition and not in use can be disposed off or donated. There are some organisations and commercial establishments which specialise in recycling of the E-Waste. The companies which manufacture computers and laptops some times offer to dispose of the waste.
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    I actually don't like disposing electronic junk. I'm a person who always believe that we can do soemthing useful with the electronic junk that we are accumulating. Electronic items usually get damaged in one particular area only. But people don't have enough knowledge on what the exact problem is and they throw the entire electronic item outside. The fact is that some parts of that particular item will still be intact where we can make use of it. Some of the examples are the old washing machine, CD drive in the computer, Hard disk of the computer etc. If something goes wrong then other parts can made use. Below are some of the items that we can make use of.

    Old washing machine - A very powerful motor
    CD drive - It again has very powerful motor
    Hard disk - It has very powerful neodymium magnets
    Old SMPS - Transformers

    But what usually happens is, people throw it in the garbage and it goes waste. That is what is happening here. In some places there are people who dig garbage and take out such items and resell it for reasonable price.

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