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    "Walk to shop" is the new slogan coned out by retailers baffled by online business.

    We all know that in recent past shopping through on line has become very famous and most of the house holds feel comfortable and time saving too. Having seen this trend increasing and not finding their regular customers often to their shop, the retailers have now teamed up to coin the new slogan "walk to shop" by promising heavy discount and offers. There is going to be strict competition between retailers and on line companies. Surely the customers are going to be benefited immensely.
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    Businessmen are committed to their cause i.e. to earn money. They always think for novel ways and means to attract customers toward them. As long as human greed for getting something free is there, the merchants will continue to prosper. Basically they are experts of human behavior and always exploit human weaknesses known to them by virtue of their experiences since generations.
    Most the buyers are lured into buying even some useless products by just massaging the customer's ego. They themselves walk into the traps laid by the shop keepers.
    Any kind of sale, discount, gift, freebies attract them. Often despite knowing that they are being cheated by the merchant, they surrender with a smile.
    However, I don't think slogans like 'walk to shop' will make much difference in case of online shoppers. Walking into shopping malls may continue due to other obvious reasons.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I don't think that brick & mortar shops can compete with the online sellers. The simple reason is the monthly recurring expenditure the shop owner incurs. The online seller doesn't have to bear such monthly recurring expenditure and is in a much better position to offer lower prices.

    Moreover, the online portals are burning cash to increase their GMV, so the buyers will definitely be benefited by shopping online.

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