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    Is ISIS becoming strong in India?

    In a span of four months, the NIA has bust two alleged modules of the ISIS in India. The first operation resulted in the arrest of nearly 30 persons. The raid conducted yesterday at Hyderabad led to the arrest of 5 persons. The first lesson that one needs to learn is that the ISIS problem is real and there is no point in denying their presence in India

    In addition to this there are several other smaller incidents that have been reported in which sympathisers of fan boys of the ISIS have been arrested. However the Hyderabad operation was different in many ways. This module according to the NIA was ready to strike. This is because the seizure of arms and ammunition clearly indicated that the operatives were well prepared to strike.

    If we see our neighbourhood, we will find that Bangladesh and Pakistan provide conducive environment for growth of ISIS. Regular killing of minorities in these two countries without any rhyme or reason proves the point. At the same time, leaders of many political parties always treat such criminals with kid gloves in India. So called liberal media and NGOs also support such people till they are not finally convicted. When these people (terrorists) are convicted, these Indian liberals oppose their punishment.

    Common people of this great country must be very careful about the nefarious designs of the terrorists, the so-called liberals and extremely short-sighted political leaders.
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    Yes India is becoming the destination point for ISIS activities and the recent arrest of youths from old city Hyderabad proves that module is after young unemployed youth who are being offered with huge money and engage in destabilization of National progress., But what baffles me the open support of MIM President Owaisi to the arrested youths by offering his legal aid support to prove them they are innocent. But NIA has already gathered enough evidence against those who planned mass attacks in future and thus no political interference can save them. By the way when people live in India , they must support the government cause and not their.
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    Bangladesh (after Pakistan) is becoming a launching-pad of islamic terrorists in India. During last one year, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians an atheists are being killed in the country brutally. Now, the percentage of minorities in Bangladesh has become so less that riots are not required. Only yesterday, a dastardly attack on a restaurant in diplomatic area of Dhaka caused massacre of more than 20 people from different nationalities.
    We must remain alert, very alert! At the same time, we must seclude the pseudo-liberals in our country who try to justify the dastardly acts of the terrorists.

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    Isis is the name of Egyptian goddess of health, marriage, and wisdom. A lady name Isis Thomas of Bristol, UK who was named after the said Goddess has been asked by the Facebook to submit ID proof.
    Such is the impact of ISIS that the social media giant is keen to erase any trace of ISIS from their website.
    Regarding the main issue of increasing penetration of ISIS in India, it is quite likely that the organization may be working underground and spreading its tentacles in India.
    Consider the case of 18 years old Indian girl Tarishi, who was taken hostage and was killed by the attackers in Dhaka.

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