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    Why the children of Ruling party members behave arrogantly on roads and places.

    We have been seeing the news clips that children of ruling party MP or MLA ride worthy cars with high speed and cause accidents on common people and killing them instantly and then cover up is made through the powers that may be at their disposal. Even during day time they have full drinks and drive the vehicle rudely and causing accidents and hardships to the general public. When the police try to arrest them, they stall the same citing high connections in political circle. Why courts wont take such incidents as suo motto and punish the guilty as general public does not have guts to challenge those Netas nor their children ?
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    Such individuals are intoxicated by the power of their parents though usually they drink alcohol also. The parents have expensive cars with powerful engines and money overflowing for their children to splurge.
    Recently we have read about the news in Bihar where a 20 year old youth Aditya Kumar Sachdeva was shot by JD(U) MLC Manorama Devi's son Rocky Yadav to teach him a lesson for overtaking his vehicle.
    In the year 1999, Jessica Lal was allegedly shot dead by Manu Sharma, the son of Vinod Sharma, a nominated Member of Parliament from Haryana.
    Not only in road rage cases, we sometimes come across cases of influential politician's sons committing other types of heinous crimes also.

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    Even in today's newspaper, there is a report of similar incident. The son of an independent MLA of Rajasthan mowed down three persons. In actuality, these so called representatives of people and their family members think that the roads are their paternal properties and they can do whatever hey like on the road. Time has come when such people have to be shown their proper place in the society. They have to be told in clear terms that they are nothing but parasites of the society, who thrive by sucking the blood of common people!
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    K mohan sir, it is because we have placed our MP and MLA at such place we give priority to all of them at all situations. Like When ever a MP cross the road traffic police stop us, they have reserved seat every where, whether it is Railway, Flight, Hospital, etc so it is obvious their children will think themselves as the son of a king. So they behave roudly and arrogant with others on road and every where, but all children are not like that.

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    These kids grow up arrogantly thinking that they will be able to get out of any problems with the help of their parents. I have also seen many cases personally where the children of a big politician will come and threaten innocent people. The sad part with these people is that they grow up with that mentality and one fine day they will obviously get to the position of their father or mother. That will definitely be tough time for People.

    Some of these children also have contact with the drug suppliers or drink suppliers in the city and they throw up party quite often. They have no necessity to fear for rules. As an individual it affects us because when we become a victim in any of the situation then it will be very tough for us to come out of it. I also remember an incident where once our car was hit by some big shot's car. The mistake was totally on their part. We were waiting in the toll gate and they asked us to move on. We were paying the toll and they started hitting the car. We were unable to talk anything to them. Talking will worsen the situation so we had to move out of that place after paying the toll.

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    Not only the children of ruling party members but also many children of rich people and high society people are behaving like this. Recently in Chennai a girl of some software company made an accident in the late hours of night and killed a person as drunken driving. We cannot criticise the police or law but the persons acting so.

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