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    Hindu Dalit employee in depression in Pakistan after discrimination and threat

    A Dalit Hindu reporter working with Pakistan's state-run news agency says he has slipped into depression after facing discrimination from his Muslim boss. Sharing his ordeal over telephone from Karachi, Sahib Khan Oad, who works with the Associate Press of Pakistan (APP), said his agony began when his Bureau Chief and colleagues realised in May that he was not a Muslim but a Hindu, that too a Dalit.

    He said the situation in his office "drastically changed" after his religious identity became known. He alleged that Bureau Chief Parvez Aslam told him to use separate utensils for eating at his work place. Oad has now gone on indefinite leave on the advice of a doctor after suffering from depression. "I am a Khan but I am not a Muslim," Oad said.

    Oad further informed that he was now being pressured by his boss to retract his statement. "He wants me to say that all such reports circulating in the media are lies," he said, adding that Aslam had even threatened him, saying: "If you can take extreme measures, so can we." Of course Parvez Aslam has denied any discrimination.

    I am astonished how these people can point fingers on Hindus on the issue of casteism!
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    It is well known through media reports that the Hindus in Pakistan are victims of religious apartheid.
    There are about 20 lakh Hindus in Pakistan and most of them are required to pay regular sums to extortionists and local leaders for physical security of their families and themselves. Hindus cannot get a job higher than that of a clerk in Pakistan. As far as running a business is concerned, in almost all of the cases, they require a Muslim as a silent business partner. Molestation and abduction of Hindu girls and demand of huge ransoms in kidnap cases is common there.
    I remember having watched an interview in the television media of an individual, narrating the plight of Hindu families in Pakistan. He was telling that they marry Hindu girls forcibly and after few months give divorce. The girl is then married to another Muslim individual who repeats the cycle of marriage and divorce.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    This might be a single case, thousands of such things happening in Pakistan.
    I always think what might be the permanent solution of this? Should Indians leave Pakistan ? Again I think all Hindus are not suffering this problem means good Muslim are also there.
    But hope as this is news about a media person, it might interfere by our Diplomacy people.

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    Considering the present circumstances in Pakistan, Mr. Sahib Khan Oad may feel himself fortunate because he has not yet fired from his job because of the religion he follows.
    Horrible country! Horrible people!

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