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    Is it true that only salaried employees of organised sector pay their income tax properly?

    Generally the salaried employees in organised sector get their monthly salary though direct credit in their bank accounts or cheques etc. Even if salary payment is made in cash, proper account of payment is maintained. In such cases the employers are bound by the rules to deduct the income tax of their employees at source. Thus no choice is left with the individual, but to pay the income tax at prescribed slab rates.
    However in case of professionals like doctors, lawyers, architects etc. , generally all of them neither give any receipt, nor maintain their accounts properly and in this manner it becomes possible for them to conceal their actual income and evade payment of income tax properly.
    The same is the case with many businessmen also.
    Is it true that only salaried employees of organised sector pay their income tax properly?
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    Yes, I agree with this statement.
    We know that no body likes to pay taxes, as Government employees or Private employees, as they are getting salary through a proper channel and employer provide the information to Income tax, where as rest professional, not only doctors or architect, all professional, all small vendor I ahve seen who are having BPL card they are earning daily RS 2,000-3,000 by selling food products on road side or any other products. But as they deal with cash they do not need to pay Income tax or sales tax or service tax, and they cheat Government . SO I think Government should take proper action to collect those tax money so that middle class people ( who are salaried) can have less burden or Government can provide better service by taking proper tax.

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    Even some of the 'chaat' and 'paan' sellers earn several thousands of rupees per day as profit what to say about the grocery shops / provision stores.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Having worked for three decades as a salaried employee in public sector , I found this sad fact.
    Many private sector establishments give benefits to their employees in a such a way under such heads that the employees need not pay income tax on them. They are using the provisions in the rules for the benefit of themselves and their employees.

    Salaried class employee in public sector employees practically get actually ten months

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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