No end to the human spirit for adventure

By venture we understand a daring task or a job that we sometimes undertake. And when you add 'ad' to 'venture', the new word takes an altogether different dimension, a higher one. Adventure is a much more daring venture that men and women often undertake, either of their own free willing or sometimes forced by circumstances.

From time immemorial, man has always been fascinated by the undiscovered world that lies beyond our immediate domain. From Marco Polo, Columbus, Vasco de Gama, Roald Amundsen to Tenzing Norgay, man has always striven to reach for the unknown and dare to go, where no one has ever gone before. One wonders what's that driving force behind such men who undertook such ventures, which were full of risks. After all, for each successful man and woman, there were numerous others who paid with their lives, for their adventures or perhaps misadventures. Whatever may be the risks or the adversities, it never ever deterred the bravehearts from undertaking more such adventures.

Going to the moon was no less of an adventure. Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin took-off for a destination, 239 thousand miles away from their home, with the possibility of no return. It seems that the human spirit for adventure has no end to it. With no place left in our planet Earth to be discovered, man is now striving to reach beyond our immediate atmosphere to distant places like Mars and even beyond the Solar System. For us, who are sitting in the galleries, it's for us to wait and watch and find out where ultimately, the spirit for adventure takes man to.

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