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    Is it true that attempts to infuse too much creativity, mars a project?

    Perhaps all of us are not creative people. However, the God has bestowed some of us by blessing with creative pursuits.
    There are genuine creative people, but at the same time there are people who fake creativity. Such people try to be over creative by attempting to infuse too much creativity in any given project and by doing so mar the whole project.
    The creativity is a natural talent. It cannot be forced to come out from nowhere.
    I have seen that the individuals who try to impress others by their self perceived creativity, often land themselves in the soup.
    One has to be his/her natural self. If God given natural creativity exists, then it will get automatically reflected in the creation/project.
    Is it true that attempts to infuse too much creativity, mars a project?
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    The word 'mars' appearing in the title is not about the planet mars. It is instead a derivative of the word 'mar' which means 'to spoil'. I tried to be creative in the thread by using the word 'mars' and spoiled my thread as no response was posted by any member.
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    By reading your heading , I was just confused about your content. Now I could understand your observation. Creativity and talent are inborn qualities of any Individual which cannot be copied nor followed. By the way God has given abundant talent to every one but we fail to gauge the same. In fact I appreciate the Reddy community in AP , while the child is kid and in the learning process, they spread all kinds of toys on the ground and see which one the child would chose. That is the indication of his talent and his goal. That way they give fillip to all his desire to achieve the goal and be content. But very few do this exercise and wont understand the child at all.
    K Mohan
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    First and foremost creativity can be fostered.It is a scientifically proven fact. How people fake creativity? When they fake creativity, how they can try to be over creative and infuse too much creativity and spoil the project if they do not have creativity at all? The author it seems failed to convey his thought clearly. An example may help making his thought process clear.
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    A confusing creativity thread from the author. Creativity is the ability to create something new. Creativity has no end and will never saturate. God has created the human beings, and human beings have created the worldly things from a small spoon to an Aeroplane. Infusing much creativity will never mar any project. You are totally wrong, Mr. Kailash. It is not true.
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    Although it is true that God creates the talent in the mind of human or animal, but still we can sharpen the talent by giving proper training and guiding.
    As we know The teacher who teach a student ( he can become successful in any field, might be engineer, doctor, scientist, pilot) where as the teacher remain teacher always.
    So recognise the right talent and bring it out is also needed, or else there will be waste of talent in the mind of that person.

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