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    How can we prevent incidents like Swathi's case from not happening in the future?

    Swathi was murdered brutally by Ramkumar last month in Nungambakkam Railway station. The murderer was captured yesterday. People from Tamil Nadu will know more details about this case and how viral it is in social media. There has been several speculations and misinterpretation from the news channels and it is still going on. We will not be able to prevent it from happening as media will use this news for increasing their TRP rating.

    This thread is for us to think what we can do in future to avoid such incidents from happening. There should a strong stand for us to prevent it from happening in future. A similar incident happened in Delhi and after all the oppositions that we gave the criminals are just enjoying a life in prison. Do you think that is enough?

    I was surprised to see why this government is not upgrading their systems to that of private. High quality cameras are available in a smart phone which is just 5000 Rs with all other features of a phone. I don't understand why they are finding it costlier or difficult to implement a proper high quality Cameras everywhere. Some criminals who take unauthorized videos or photos have nano cameras and that too in HD quality. I would like to question what Government is doing in terms of technological advancement.

    My point here is to not say that if there had been proper surveillance camera, Swathi would have not died but my point is that at least if the government implements something like this and maintain it properly, the criminals will definitely have a fear to do such crimes in public places.

    Please share your views on this topic.
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    My view in this regard is different. We, the Indians have become very tolerant and our sympathy always lies with such criminals. The people who were present at the station at the time of murder of the unfortunate girl, should have caught hold of the criminal and give him proper treatment before handing over to police. Liberal attitude doesn't always pay.
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    A kind of role reversal has been found in Delhi where criminals are using CCTV cameras to watch movement of police. Criminals indulged in sale of illicit liquor, running gambling rackets and selling drugs etc. have installed CCTV cameras in their houses to monitor the movement of beat constables. In case any beat constable dares to enter the premises, the criminals use the CCTV footage to hurl allegations that they went there to demand money or causing harassment to the women living inside the premises.
    Delhi has about 1,79,000 CCTV cameras installed, out of which about 4000 have been installed by the police and rest by private agencies in collaboration with the Delhi Police under its 'Eyes and Ears' scheme.
    No CCTV cameras were installed at Nungambakkam railway station where the heinous crime mentioned by the author took place. The police investigated the case mostly by conventional policing and nabbed the suspect Ramkumar, a Mechanical Engineer who was hiding in his village.

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    I accept with the view that we, the Indians, are tolerant but not in sympathy with criminals. What is the use of CCTV? It will not prevent the crimes from happening. People perpetrating such crimes do not bother or fear about them. At the maximum the CCTV are just useful in nabbing the criminal. The only solution lies in reforming the minds of the people. The news channels should not be allowed to broadcast such news items time and again.
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    It was very disturbing news for every one and every parent has the girl of that age and what ever happened to Swathi was the warning signal for parents and also law enforcing agencies to have vigil at the public places so that no atrocities committed on women. In this regard I appreciate the Telangana police who have created a She Teams cell and the police are watching for the trouble makers and put them behind the bars. I also appreciate the relatives of Swathi who demanded bigger punishment to the culprit. Such things should not happen which shatters and hopes and aspirations of young minds and the parents are the most frightened lot.
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    Partha Sir - It was not the case. Someone who take the same train every day went to police as an eye witness of the case. He clearly mentioned that three people went chasing the criminal after the incident happened. The criminal crossed a train and jumped on a wall and ran over it. The people who chased him couldn't keep up. Though it is obviously true that the body was left unattended for over two hours.

    Apart from this as soon as the incident happened, two ambulance were called and left unattended. Like how people say in social media it is not obviously true that no one reacted in the station. People have taken steps but they couldn't do much as everything happened in fraction of seconds and she was left suffering to death. The witness say that it all happened in just 3 minutes and they were unable to imagine what happened.

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    The whole of last week every minute the channel has updated the investigation and every one has curiously watched the catching of culprit after a week.

    It has two sides, one is our system where every one now is eyeing only on education cum employment and education did not teach any value added system and hence youngsters particularly from remote areas are taking icon only from heroes of cinema and nowadays tamil movies only showing negative personalities as heroes and they somehow succeed in their love(whether they succeed in other life activities or not) which give a wrong message to youngsters that they can succeed in love in any way. Also our other reservations has become routine now, people have not seen any failure in the life if really some one interested in studying and hence only after certain qualification they come to the real world where both ups and downs are there and hence they could take even a small failure causes negative impact.

    Your question on preventive measures will come only when the system of movies and politics are set in place. Otherwise all measures may help only to help in finding the culprits easily.

    Along with this there are two other cases reported where the youngsters take the social media in their hand and two suicides happened.

    For this reason as a mourning to all these three young girls where the main villain in social media, I did not open the net for last three days.

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    As author said, Crime rates come down heavily if CCTV is available in all the public places. State and Central governments should take proactive steps and install CCTV in all public places

    The body was unattended because of no coordination between Chennai City Police and Railway Police. Though Chennai City Police reached the station immediately, they didn't have rights to attend it. Railway Police handed over the case to Chennai City Police after 2 days only.

    Murderer should be encountered once he is found guilty, so that no one repeat it again.

    RIP Swathi and Vinu Priya.

    Best Regards,

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    Crimes happen due to certain factors present and become favourable to commit the crime.

    The first one is the lack of value teaching at home or at school or by society. The following of moral values is now seen as old fashioned. Hence the invisible 'hold-back' is now not there.
    The second is the increasing urge for committing crime. The inhibition or hesitation to perpetrate a crime or even be an indirect part of it is gradually decreasing. This is mostly because crimes and criminals get a lot of direct and indirect appreciation from films and media, including the social media networks. So the fear that crime and criminals are isolated and abhorred by all is not there now. As one section of the population blindly support a criminal and denounce and doubt the actions of law and police, criminals get encouragement and a pleasure to be seen as heroes in publicity under flashlight.
    Third has become now a more helping factor for crimes happening.- That is the non-observance of security and preventive measures by the victims and general public. This also is because of the wrong and misguided 'deceptive courage' in the form of freedom and equality that people ago-by to age old safety principles in day to day life.

    Fourth is the lack of vigilance and courage of the general public. Public now feel 'why should I get into trouble" and simply look the other way when a crime happens around. Public do not join to fight and catch the perpetrator. This gives the criminal time and confidence to escape the scene.

    The next and a very important one factor is the slow working of our legal system and the various loopholes enjoyed by the criminals. Many serious crimes causing loss of life and property and causing serious injuries on body and mind receive very small punishments. Sometimes the residual life of the victims becomes a daily suffering, but the punished criminal enjoys his life inside jail. The criminal lives inside safety, where as the poor survivor victim may have to live under lifelong fear.

    The role of media has to be controlled and regulated so that they do not sensationalise and do not make out stories. Often the media attitude and hour by hour 'reporting' only helps to complicate matters and help the criminal flee and escape to safety. The minute by live reporting in radio during the ' Sandal Veerappan' episode was one single most factor which helped the criminal to know about police movements and retaliate at police. Media should be restrained or they should restrain themselves.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Nothing can prevent except the public. Even if a police is present at the site, he won't be able to do anything good to save the victim. A CCTV camera would help only to find out the criminal, but cannot stop him committing the crime. It is the mass public who should be alert and should intervene to stop such a brutal act especially in crowded places like the Bus stations, the Railway stations and Market places. The mob should nab the culprit and punish him enough prior to handing over him to the police. We all watch films and see how a Hero fights in a public place to save the Heroine. Everyone of us should feel ourselves a Hero and show our heroism during such incidents.
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