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    What will happen if all the Television serials are banned?

    Now everyday in entertainment channels they are broadcasting the Television serials each serial will have 10 thousand or more episodes the house ladies who want to pass their time they are get addicted of all these serials which are broadcasted by television channels let us suppose all the Television serials are banned for some time. Do all the housewives will come on road and stage a dharna. Knowledgeable members please respond to the question
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    It is not just the additiction that it creates, apart from that there are various bad effects because of TV Serials. I'm personally against these TV serials. I have shared my views on this several times in social media. Now they have also made it available on Saturdays as well. I find it difficult to stay in the house during the Saturdays. TV in my house will be roaring with full sound. Especially when there is a death scene, the way they show it will be disgusting. I don't feel it right when we hear something crying noises all the time. It really disturbs the mind. I don't know why people are not understanding it. All the TV serials nowadays are crap.

    Some of the TV serials are even dubbed from other languages and showed. For me it is horrible with a horrible story projecting too much of nonsense. It is not at all productive spoiling the mood and nature of the people. Some people also get influenced by these TV serials and implement what is shown there in their day to day life.

    If TV serials are banned, I will be the happiest person in the world. Considering the sensitive part here, there are also several people who are dependent on these TV serials. They should get an alternative job when these are banned.

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    In view of the fact that the Government of India had to retract even its orders of banning porn sites few months back, it is quite surprising to hear about expectations regarding banning television serials in India.
    However, for the sake of discussions, responses can be posted.
    Practically it will not be possible to take such an extreme step. The television media is very powerful. As a matter of fact most of the coalition Governments are formed through communications on television media only in case any single political party fails to get clear majority.
    Even there is nothing like censorship board for television media. They self regulate their contents being broadcasted by them.
    I think the Government can take the media into confidence and try to moderate the contents by infusing positive aspects in the same.
    The media will do anything for money.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Though there are many disadvantages of television serials from the side of viewers, the major problem in banning such serials is unemployment ratio will get increased as the serial making project yields job to many people like actors, technicians, director, cameraman, film processors, musicians, recording personnel,people who rent the building etc.,

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    I do not perceive a situation where in daily serials would be banned by the government or other agencies. Serials are the time pass activities for the house hold and after hectic morning works, they get reprieve by watching such serials and for the television channels they reap profits through advertisements. And for the government, it gets taxes through advertisement and from the products the people purchase. In fact what I fear that the ruling party may force the television channels showing only serials to compulsorily telecast the news bulletins of government performances in future on the lines of showing compulsory documentaries before movies starts in theaters.
    K Mohan
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    I shudder to think of such possibility. First and foremost is the unemployment it may cause to the people who are directly or indirectly involved with the making of TV serials. The second point is that many of the housewives and senior citizens will be left without a major source of entertainment. The TV serials have become a regular habit for them. We find so many jokes about the serials and their effect on the viewers
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