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    When you were child did you had guts to ask teacher to repeat the subject that was not understood

    We all sent to the schools by our parents to learn something and move forward. In every class there may be many students and the teacher may not do justice by telling the subject to the understanding level of all students. Surely there may be chances when the subject was not understood by you, and wanted a repeat performance from teacher but you wont ask due to fear of chiding or scolding. Once I had the guts to ask my Science teacher in class to repeat the subject on photo synthesis and she never obliged stating that I may ask from the fellow students. I was deeply dejected and sidelined.
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    To my fortunate, I never had a teacher from first standard to college third year as harsh teacher but a friendly teacher only. I never hesitate to ask my doubts to my teachers on any situation. Even in my third year degree I asked a doubt of my Mercantile Law subject to the teacher (Part time professional lawyer) without any hesitation or even fear as he was a lawyer. He also explained and cleared my doubt as I asked the doubt after the class hours.

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    Even my childhood had many such instances where I would not understand a particular topic but would also feel conscious of asking the teacher directly in class our of embarrassment or even fear of being thought of as weaker in understanding.Today ,as I ponder over I think I should have stopped and asked my doubts because people who understand the subject only get doubts on the lesson.
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    I never had dare till class nine and the responsibility of doing so, i exclusively gives to my teacher because after nine standard i totally changed and became very friendly to all teachers,stopped doing hesitation and fearing reason one of my teacher encouraged and made me ahead in everythings.if the same thing would do earlier,i wouldn't face such trouble and i might be even more good in my study.So i always request to all teachers to be polite and encouraging rather than be hard and rude to students.

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    It depends on the type of school, capability of the teachers, understanding level of the student concerned etc. There may be low grade schools, in which incompetent teachers are employed and such teachers often don't have their own concepts clear and therefore discourage students when they ask questions. On the other hand, there may be teachers having a passion for teaching who go out of way to help the student concerned to get his/her fundamentals clear.
    The same applies on the part of students also. Many students just go through the motions of attending classes and never develop an interest in understanding the subject deeply.
    However I was fortunate enough to get good teachers, who always took due interest in explaining the things.
    Regarding asking questions, I still don't fear or hesitate in asking any question.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    My primary and secondary school education was done in Government schools. We had very good teachers who taught the subject in such way that all of us understood the lessons. They always encouraged us to raise doubts if any in the class room itself. They had all the patience to clear all the doubts. Extra classes were conducted for those who are backward in their studies. I owe a lot to my school teachers for being what I am today.
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    The answer varies from student to student and teacher to teacher. During my student days, I used to ask question frequently in Bengali, English, History and Chemistry periods, whereas I did not take much interest in Physics and Biology. I used to consult my friends and other study materials. I see the same behavioural pattern in my daughter.

    So, the answer depends on the interest of a student in a particular subject and the personality and the way of teaching of the individual teachers.

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    This thread is a must read for students. I am a student. And situations similar to the one you mentioned happened to me. The school in which I once studied had a different method for writing notes (mandatory for every student). When I was admitted into that school, I was scolded by a teacher non stop for fifteen minutes because I asked how to write notes. As far I remember, it is the first and longest scolding of my childhood. The feeling I got that day, I can't describe it but I am quite hurt. From that day, I never asked any teacher a doubt for some years. Recently, I asked an assistant professor a doubt and he clarified it in a way that the status of the subject he teaches changed to 'Interested' from 'Uninterested' in my mind. I understood what I did was a mistake. So, students should ask teachers their doubts depending on the teacher, whether the student can adjust to a scolding etc,.

    Let us continue learning.

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    My response may look to be out of context but I want to make certain observations as a retired teacher.
    The number of students who raise doubts in the classroom is practically negligible. This I am stating as a teacher who taught for 25 years. In the beginning of my career in early eighties there were few students who used to get their doubts clarified in the classroom.In the later years of my career as teacher, the students showed more interest in getting attendance than learning the subject. In spite of prompting the students to get their doubts clarified in the classroom, there never used to be any response. Whenever questions were asked in the classroom, very few students used to answer them. The one method I adopted was to give a problem and ask some of the students to come to the board and answer it. The students of the present require lot of effort on the part of the teacher to elicit answers in the classroom.
    Having said all this, I accept that there are teachers who never encourage the students to raise doubts in the midst of the class either due to the reason that they do not want to be disturbed or lacked the requisite knowledge to clarify their doubts then and there.

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    Even I have experienced such instances in my school were a doubt asked to a teacher was like a biggest mistake. Moreover, I was only scared to ask a doubt thinking of the negative response from the teacher. I knew few friendly teachers and would ask them any doubts I had as I knew they were always happy to help and clear the doubts. Asking doubts depends on students. If a student is bold enough, he can ask doubt without fear or shy and if a teacher is friendly she will clear doubts with no hesitation or without any anger. One should leave the fear and clarify their doubts.

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    There was no chance for me to ask the teachers to repeat topic as I didn't understand it. Being a teacher's son and my father being a prominent one in the public, there was so much focus on me. In fact I was carrying much pressure those days as every teacher used to identify me along with other four or five students who happened to be the kids of a Lawyer, Tahsildar, Principal, doctor and a businessman. Why I am particularly mentioning this because the teachers used to ask questions to us only and our failure to respond clearly indicated that we haven't followed and they used to repeat.

    While studying Intermediate of Science, same batch continued to fight for the No.1 position and luckily we got good lecturers who have guided us. At this point of time, I used to skip my doubts and daily progress card was in the hands of my father. He has given full liberty to the lecturers to pass on comments before my classmates who included girls and that was quite embarrassing! I cultivated the habit of raising my doubts and get them cleared instead of being pointed out by the lecturers.


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    I recall up my school days and my experience with the teachers was very exciting and memorable. May be I was lucky enough to have got such a supporting team of teachers finding themselves in a relaxed mood in further explanation of the points earlier discussed in the class - be it a difficult problem in Mathematics or Chemistry. Those were the days ( recalling up the days of 1964) when the Bussiness of the teachers in tution did not pick up to that extent and even if some were preoccupied with such activities, there was no closure of their doors for consultation in the event of doubts. With he progress of time, we have seen many deteriorating trends of the teaches in view of their unusual expectation of fees. They seem to lure students for their own gain and benifits of the students seem to be the secondary one in the current time.
    So to get a set of sensible teachers appear to be a chance these days and there is least concern from the side of the teachers to nurture the talents of their inquisitive pupil.

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    I have asked several times to my class teacher if I did not understand the things, I never feel bad or shy, because I do not want to loose marks for my own fault, this is different matter how much I memorize but should know the right things before giving the exam. Although all teacher do not like to answer repeatedly, either they move for further topic, or suggest to ask any of other student who have understood properly, in that case I avoid repeating to ask.

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    If the teacher respect his/her profession then he/she will surely help the student who didn't understood the topic. Otherwise, he/she will ask the student to join tuition classes to earn extra bugs. There are many school teachers who take advantage of weak students and ask them to join tuition classes.

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