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    A mother never slips from her love on her children

    In old cinemas there was a dialogue from the hero or support artists of Hero when the villain or villain's associates beats him/her,the reply was as,"I wont tell, I donot know" . Like this a mother will not hide herself from the love on her children though the same children neglects her. Another example the child if beaten by the mother for some mistakes did by the child, the child will cry as "maa" only.
    Likewise, the mother never change her mind when the child neglects her. I read in one book. a man after his marriage, as not found time to take care both by himself and his wife, let the mother in a home and regularly visited her. One day an information came from the home to him as his mother fell sever sickness and in the last hours. The man immediately went to the home and asks the mother as she needs anything for her. The mother told,'Son, here there is no sufficient fans and good facilities for preserve the food for aged people. so, it is good if you provide some fans and refrigerators to the home." Astonished son asked, 'Ma, you have told this requirement till date as I regularly visited the home?'. Mother replied,"No, son, I have however adjusted but the requirement is for you later if you have been lodged here through your son".
    Here mother is worrying about the son's future who totally neglected her.
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    I was really moved by the story mentioned by the author. Mother is such a person at the home, she always thinks for the welfare of the children first, husband next and then herself. Some times my wife went fasting by not having dinner, because of visit by sudden guests and the food was limited. But she never revealed to us that the food is over. And we thought she also had the dinner. Normally we have dinner in one go with all. Once I asked as to why she was not accompanying us. She told, that she had something late evening and thus she was not wanting food. But the fact is that the food shortage made her to skip the dinner for the sake of family.
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    It is a natural system that the mothers have to take care of their offspring as otherwise the system will get disturbed. Such phenomenon is noticed even in some other species of animals also, not only in humans.
    The God has created a system of passing on the baton of life from one generation to the next one. The mothers have been entrusted with the responsibility of giving birth to the new generation and take care of them till they become independent. They develop special kind of bond with the children as they carry them in their womb also prior to their birth.
    However, a dramatic change in the overall scenario occurs after arrival of the mother of the next generation of the family i.e. the daughter in law. Since she has to play a very important role in carrying forward the lineage, she becomes the rising sun of the family and gets more attention, in few cases even more than the mother herself.

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