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    " Judge a person by intrinsic value than by the exterior"

    We come across many people in our lifetime. Some of them become acquaintances and friends also.
    It is natural that we form an idea about the persons from their social status, financial status, manners, way of talking, way of dressing and various other factors. We often come to an idea of the person by his exterior. What we miss to observe is the intrinsic values of the person. Some people may impress us by the above mentioned qualities and some may not. It is always advisable to take into consideration the inherent values of the person before taking them into confidence. Failing to do so may land us in trouble. So judge people by their values than by their external appearances.
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    It requires several meetings and interactions to evaluate a person fully. Many people are very smart and try to become familiar in the first meeting itself.
    As a matter of fact the individuals falling within one's own social circle are generally known through the words of mouth even before meeting them. Their basic attributes are known before hand. Almost all of us may be having certain people among our relatives and acquaintances who are known to be not reliable for important work. Such people have a habit of promising anything, but generally never deliver results in time. Thus one has to be careful even with the people of our own social circle.
    As far as new people are concerned, more care is required. It is true that outward appearance means nothing in the context of developing relationships with them.
    Many such people are 'names droppers' and pose as if they can get any work done in a jiffy.
    Perhaps the best policy is to be self dependent and try to be least dependent on others.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is not easy to recognize a person whether from the exterior or inner quality. TO recognize a person is a quality of some people, and this is either God gifted or they learn from their own experience. Because we know that many people are getting cheated, from their friends, official person, because even after lot of meetings they did not able to recognize. If we talk about the emotional part not the materialistic, then yes we need to check the behavior, attitude of a person before judging whether he/she is a good person or not. But still if the in front person want to cheat then he/she can make you fool by showing the good inner heart and can act very false things.

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    @ Swagatika
    It is not possible to assess the qualities of a person within a short time. It takes sometime. Instead of coming to a hasty opinion of a person , it is advisable to get to know his inherent qualities and judge a person.

    With regards

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Human behaviour is really enigma for most of us. It is not easy to understand another person totally and predict his/her behaviour even with many years of observation, co-operation, partnership and even staying together.

    Otherwise how can we explain when spouses cheat each other or separate even when they got married after loving and knowing each other for some time? How can we explain when an experienced and senior employee suddenly leaves the job or puts it in some predicament?

    Many times our presumptions and almost sure conviction about another person are proved wrong. It is made by God so, otherwise humans would have made God insignificant.

    At least once in our life we all would have regretted or wondered " I never expected it from him/her".

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    I fully agree with the author and that has been proved many a time. We cannot judge a person with his looks and dressing sense and only on behaving or his actions , we can come to a conclusion. The on going India Got Talent and Dance plus show purely testifies this. Some of the looks of participants would not guarantee that they may perform or give good presentation. But once they start and give final performance, they are superlative and cannot be matched or reached. Even the judges are getting confused as to how they perform superior than expected. Such is the talent presented in every one. What we need is the right people to judge at right place.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    The advice is perfectly alright. We must try to follow this advice. However, I would like to say that as human being is the most complex animal and his/her brain and mind are highly developed, it is indeed very difficult to judge the intrinsic value of a person.

    So, to follow the advice needs patience and high level of observation power and and analysing power. It is not easy to judge a person very quickly.

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