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    Puntuality is good but calculating exact timings is mere waste.

    Many people in the name of punctuality, losing many things by calculating time to travel. My many relatives calculating the travelling hours while going to Airport/Railway station without considering the time escalations for traffic en route. Though the correct travelling hour is 20 minutes from my house to Central Railway Station, I used to go there before one hour of the train departure time. But my close relatives ignore the escalations they missed the train and gone through private bus by paying extra money. Why this penalty? They told not to waste the time in railway station. Who will correct them?
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    I do agree with the author. In this regard I respect my late father who was very particular about being in station at least two hours before the train departs. Once we had been to Madras and the train departs at 4.20 pm and were forced to be at Secunderabad station at 3.00 pm. Naturally trains for Vizag and other places also leave prior to Madras train and the passengers rush at the platform was full. One of the TT asked us whether we are going through Vizag train for that my father replied Madras train. The TT raised his eye brows but could not comment as the train of Vizag was about to leave. Anyway it is better earlier than late or never which the younger generations to know.
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    Before coming to main point, let me share a news published in news papers of my city Lucknow. Few weeks ago, free Wi Fi services were started at Lucknow Junction railway station. Next day, there was news in the news papers that many people missed there trains because they were busy in availing free internet services at the railway station. They were so engrossed in availing free services, that they could not pay due attention to the arrivals and departure of their trains.
    Thus besides reaching railway station in time, one has to pay due attention also and has to be fully alert and attentive to their trains. I know cases when people had boarded wrong trains with similar names, in case of reaching railway station late as they had no time to think and were in hurry and desperate to catch the train.
    One must reach railway station at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled time of departure in any case. Margin for possible delays due to traffic congestion etc. has to be kept in mind in addition to the normal journey time required.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I also agree to the words of author. It is best if we reach our target before the correct time. It is just not only for going railway station and taking trains. For all the important meetings or events it is best if reach the place before it begins. It makes a great image of that person. If we calculate exact time for every thing if we can't reach the place in time, then the tension will arise. If we have to attend an interview and if we become late to reach at the place, then the authority creates a bad impression about the person. It is not in one case. If we calculate each time for each works. Then if any interrupt is occured in between this time then all our programme will be change and we have to suffer a great loss.

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    Punctuality is very important. Whether it is class room or conference hall, it is expected of any person to be punctual. Taking into consideration the likely factors that may affect the punctuality, one is required to plan accordingly. In the name of safety, reaching the place well before the event is a waste of time.
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    Punctual and saving time both are different things, really today I got a new lesson that even some people think to save their time by not wasting to sit at railway station before some minutes or hour of reaching the train, but this might cause some time economical loss, and other loss. I am not a punctual person, but do all my work on time, even I do not like to wait before one hour at station, I do calculate the traffic time including the traffic jam late, and reach the station before departure time. Why should I wait a long time at railway station unnecessarily ( if I get entertain then might go before one hour).

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    Punctuality does play an important role in many walks of life but sometimes it may be beyond our hand to maintain the same. Of late, traffic congestion has multiplied in almost all cities particularly in metros ones'. Our calculation to reach the destination in a stipulated time now does not work because of excess traffic- density causing an inordinate delay in reaching the assigned destination. Such irregularities may affect our day - schedule and we may be blamed for being impuctual. So many factors are involved in being punctual. Willingness alone does not serve the purpose unless we revamp the infrastructure which is at present in shambles states. We have to gear up the system so that we are not blamed for our relaxed behaviour.

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