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    Please give saplings as return gifts during marraiges and functions

    It is the customary in South India that we give return gifts to guests who graced the marriage or the functions. Normally some people would give steel plates with Tambulam as gift, some give coconut with Tambulam and now one person has gone one step forward to give Guava or Coconut sapling as the return gift. Surely such green gifts are remembered and we are also benefited with the fruits in future. One can even give saplings of flower bearing plants. How is the idea, if it is good spread the same with your family and friends.
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    Mr. Mohan: I like this proposal and support this. But, will the proposal have the benefit of social acceptability? I very much doubt it. Majority people from all parts of the country will ridicule such gifts. This is not socially acceptable anywhere in India.
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    The traditional gifts like coconut with Tambulam etc. are exchanged as they are considered auspicious during occasions like weddings etc. As a matter of fact in such traditional occasions, often a lot of wastage in generated in the form of flowers, leaves, decorative items of traditional nature and such other things. In north india also ladies exchange few things like 'kumkum', 'bindi', 'rice' etc. , considered auspicious during social ceremonies. Even flower bouquets as a gift also goes waste only, but still it is used as a gift because it is a popular and established method of greeting people.
    As far as exchanging plant saplings are concerned , the idea look appealing though not practical as many guests living in apartments etc. may not be having any open space to plant the same. They may have to buy a flower pot to plant the sapling in case the plant is of such kind which can be planted in a flower pot. Moreover they will require time to take care of such plants daily.

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    Not a bad idea and also not a good idea. You are trying to burden the guests with a return gift to suffer. As rightly said by Kailash, what would happen to a guy who lives in a apartment or in a rented house? Any memento that can be placed in the show case should be the return gift, if the host wishes to give a return gift.

    A guest turning up for the function in a special attire may not like to carry home a sapling. Instead, the host should deliver the saplings at their residence. Will any host do it? No.

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    Even people living in apartment are having some space for plants on Balcony and the saplings can be planted in the pots made for that.
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