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    Do online marketing bit traditional marketing?

    This question must be very conscious because in india till 2020,we shall be able to see a vast change.The types of people engages in traditional marketing aren't so aware and fluent on internet marketing,digital marketing etc,so the entire process requires a change in the human resource doesn't need any plan and arrangement to execute this process because the process itself go on execution.But what happen to the people who presently engages in traditional type of marketing?
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    Changes are the only permanent thing and all other things are changeable. That way many changes can be expected by the year 2020. But the thought intended to be expressed by the author is not totally clear. Is he implying to convey that by the year 2020, there will be only online trading and all types of manual shopping will cease to exit?
    The traditional shopping methods are continuing since several thousands of years and even in developed countries like US etc. traditional methods of shopping are still continuing despite penetration of online shopping methods since very long there.
    Gradually in India also people are learning and switching over to online shopping. The new generation is already doing online shopping as per their likings and preferences.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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