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    I have a doubt about the article.

    Can I add the multiple choice questions and their answers in article section. I am confused about this. Is the ISC accepts such type of articles?
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    There is a provision for posting previous years question papers under 'Exams' > 'Question papers' section. However, as far as posting articles with multiple choice question is concerned, the question arises as to from where the author will get multiple type questions to include in the article. I don't think that the author will create original multiple choice type question himself, but most probably such questions will have to be complied from some external resources.
    Though official answer can be given by the editors only, but personally I would not prefer to post such articles.
    However there is a lot of scope for developing articles related to multiple choice questions like tips to solve the same or how to prepare for the same etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Thanks for giving me the suggestions.

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