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    Do you trust on advertisements?

    As we use tooth paste, hair oil, and so many things on daily basis and most of them do advertising to promote their products. DO you buy by getting inspire by seeing the advertisement ( although after experience you might decide either to continue or to change that product).
    Manufacture company always use bran person like film star or sports star as we follow them blindly, so have you ever been made fool your self by purchasing some product by just seeing an advertisement and then you get to know the product is worth less.
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    Generally most of the products of daily need being used by the people like tooth paste, soap, hair oil, spices, washing powder etc. are those products which they are using since ages. Even the next generation continue to use the same brands. It becomes like mother cooked food as they develop taste for the same since early childhood. Thus in such cases, the question of getting influenced by the advertisements, does not arises.
    However, when a new type of product is to be introduced in the family like switching over from soap cake to liquid soap or a new cosmetic product, people do look for various resources to get a cue. Often they simply copy the brands used by their neighbors, relatives or friends.
    Nowadays, people search in internet resources also and read the reviews submitted by other users.
    However it will have to be accepted that celebrities advertising consumables has to have some effect as otherwise they will not get paid so handsomely.

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    Advertisement is source of income for channels and there is big branch which is depend on the advertisement. I think most of the people expecially ladies in the house knows about the new products is through advertisement. To selling products advertisement has a very good involvement. It attract majority housewifes and men also. Now advertisement is not only seen in Television. It is in various websites and social networking sites. New generation boys and girls are also depends on online shopping and it is mainly get a view due to advertisements. I also getting awareness about new products and their offers through advertisement. So it motivates the customers to buy it. Also Most of the Stars are also become the part of ads and it deeply attracted to more people.

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    The matter has been discussed occasionally in the Forum. I enjoy some advertisements because of the sensuousness, creativity and intelligence. I also get disgusted by some advertisements due to their ridiculous and objectionable contents. But, trust? No, I don't trust any advertisement of any product. I take purchasing decision (especially expensive items) after lot of thinking, reading and after discussion with trusted friends and relatives.
    Sometime I postpone purchasing decision due to lack of unanimity for indefinite period causing extreme problem for my wife!

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    I don't really trust any advertisement. Advertisements are made to influence people. From the attractive actors to the colorful robes in background,each trifle stirs your mind and you end up buying what they want you to.
    Even the taglines and titles influence us to an immense amount.
    But again the best way to know a product is to test it.
    So test and buy goods and never get influenced.

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    Advertisements can be so convincing that you can easily project to people saying that even you can easily survive with no food but just few tablets. Advertisements are so stupid and I never trust advertisements. With the help of advertisements the foreigners have projected so many bad things into the people mind. The best example can be Coke Cola, Pepsi etc. We can read many articles that provides information on their harmful aspects. But there are people who are still fond of such gas based drinks.

    A serious question arises when we think why this is not being used by countries which introduced it. Recently we also saw an ad in news paper saying that Coke Cola is now going to introduce milk as the new product. We can be sure that it will also be treated products. We are consuming so many such treated products in our day to day life. People are not aware about it and they are just attracted towards the advertisement that showcase all these things as perfectly pure. In some of the brands which is said to be full organic and herbal, there are mixing of chemicals and they call it as preservatives.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S Balasubramanian

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    Advertisements are normally a must to a product for its better marketing. There has been a saying,'One time seeing is better than telling thousand times' (a cinema song was there in Tamil,'Paarvai ondre podhume pallaayiram sol vendumO?'. with similar meaning) But nowadays the vendors misusing the context of Advertisement and many advertisements are given in wrong way. We see in one toothpaste advertisement, that a mother was worrying about the cavity by seeing her child is eating sweet offered by Grand parents with the inherited meaning that the grandparents should not offer their love to the child like this. Instead this advertisement should have been taken by eating the sweet in the hotel or mithai shop. However the advertisement should be used by the viewers to know about the arrival of product only.

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    There is a saying that if some one gives more details about himself or the product, that is not worth while. Same things applies here. Just by nominating a film actor to be the ambassador of a product there is no compulsion for even his followers or fans to use the product. Actors are heavily paid for endorsing the product and I doubt they would not have used the product themselves so far. Moreover people are always great and they wont easily fall prey to new products and more advertised product. Self using of the product would give fuller details and also its advantages compared to others. So advertisement cannot induce but can inform.
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    Take an example of the small one line ads found in local newspapers. These lack in completeness of information. You actually are not aware what the guy is selling. Example "part time jobs 45000 call 07....."
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