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    Big Fight between Dabur India and Patanjali

    You all must have seen now days there is fighting going on between Patanjali and Dabur India ltd through advertisement of Honey. We all are very much aware that Dabur produces all Ayurved products and from child hood I remember Dabur red tooth powder and tooth paste which is being prepared fully ayurved products which is cheaper than other products as well as more beneficial to our teeth.
    If Ramdev Baba is purely supporting Indian company and Ayurved products, then why is getting arrogant with their advertisements. Does he really want to serve Indian or want to establish his brand.
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    Such a scenario has to be welcomed like a healthy competition as in the case of sports. Ultimately the consumers or buyers are likely to get benefited. The primary targets of the company Patanjali Ayurveda are the MNC companies.
    Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Ayurveda at present has about 350 products ranging from noodles and biscuits to shampoos and toothpastes and is giving tough fight to FMCG companies doing businesses in India.
    The company is setting up Patanjali mega stores in various cities to sell its products across India.
    The main companies which are hit by the Patanjali Ayurveda are Hindustan Unilever, Dabur, Emami and Himalaya.

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    In business there are no friends and only enemies. Patanjali seems to be expanding Internationally and surge is already seen. Multinational companies in garb of Indian likes have made much money all these days and that Includes Dabur. No doubt old customers are always with Dabur for fine quality and pricing. But when new entrant comes with varied product and arresting quality, surely old customers of other brands would like to have the try. That is what being expected by Patanjali from Dabur customers. Patanjali already made in roads in to the shares of Multinational brands and now wants to have cut from Dabur share in the market.
    K Mohan
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    In business there will only be competitors. Patanjali products have seen a surge in it's sale when compared to the products of other companies. The main reason is that the products are prepared at a lower cost maintaining quality. The name of Baba Ramdev adds to it popularity. The Patanjali products have become a real competition to the products of other companies like Dabur, Emami etc. In the near future the Patanjali products will overtake other companies in sales.
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    Baba Ramdev's will behind advocating Ayurveda is promoting own company that is patanjli only. And to reach top he have to come over all competitor's. Dabur is one established brand and patanjli has to be showcase it's differences from Dabur's product, it may be in price or quality.
    However business is a totally different thing than any welfare thought or something. What we call organic, herbal or natural has different standards of percentage of constituents in it. Some product if have used just one natural product that may be just added to add smell or color, can bring that product from chemicals to the list of natural products even after having all chemicals in it. Even governmental/political support has made easy norms for business. So do not trust any or every company claiming to be natural, herbal or organic. They just have passed governmental norms for being called so but they may not be so in real.
    Best way is to produce and consume to go natural.

    Chitra Rana

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    I do not think the pricing of Patanjali products is less then Dabur or other companies. It is the same and sometimes even higher. I tried the washing powder by Patanjali which I didn't like and (I didnt like it) not going to buy again. I tried it out of plain curiosity. The other day I wanted to order ghee and found Patanjali ghee also available but the price was higher than Amul, Gowardhan and Mothers dairy. The biscuits (again purchased out of curiosity! Hahaha) are the same price range as others.

    I don't know how much Patanjali products are or will be successful in the metros, unless Baba Ramdev comes up with a strategy and make only his products available in the market. If that happens the tagline 'consumer is the king' will be changed 'consumer is the sufferer'!

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    Sunita I do agree with your comments on the products of Patanjali. I have tried their Atta . That is better than Annapurna and other brands. Likewise the shampoo and tooth paste are good quality and priced less. I have been the regular customer of Colgate since years and I have invariably seen their price increasing on every purchase. Colgate really enjoyed our patronage all these years and they took our acceptance as guarantee and raised the price in concealed way. Now that kind of looting has been stopped with the grass root level penetration of Patanjali products which is now become more famous and acceptable within short time.
    K Mohan
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    (Baba) Ramdev is a total business man! Just check up his earnings! With support from the BJP led government at the center, he is having his way. I suggest an inquiry into his dealings. Many cards will fall!
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    Yes, Baba Ramdev has now entered into the arena of business. His products are gradually becoming popular and these products are comparatively cheaper than the products of established brands. I don't view this as objectionable. Many religious leaders of other communities use the premises of their religious places for business purpose, and nobody find this objectionable. So, why question the business activities of Baba Ramdev?
    Having said this, I insist that the products of Patanjali must be clinically tested and also must be subjected to other tests like other brands in the market. There must be fair play in the competition.

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    I don't know much about business,but I presume when two companies selling same kind of products with equal quantity and quality , they become arch rivals. And none's important but profit in business.
    So it's very important that criticism is acquired for them because more the controversies, more popular you become. All these fights are just for grabbing attention enough to keep selling goods.
    I think Patanjali will have an upper vote though.

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